Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Long Time Coming!

It seems like years since I've posted on All Things Scorpia. My domain name expired, so hopefully readers will come back to this address. My Indie station has been the focal point of my existence. Well, after my son of course!

Man, so much has happened in entertainment and politics since my last post. Obama won the presidency and we're all on lame duck watch. The auto industry is dying as we speak, while wall street has sucked billions, relaxed at the spa, and has no memory of what happened. This economy and political hoopla is so frightening and entertaining at the same time. Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow have become household names. Bill-O the clown is pissed, because he no longer dominates on cable news. He called for an investigation of Nielsen, because there's no possible way that Keith O beat him in ratings land during the election.

Britney had a three ring circus, Paris found a fake BFF, Angelina had twins and working on triplets as we speak, Lindsay is gay, bi-sexual, or try-sexual. The list goes on and on just like the scandals in Hollywood!

Is it just me or has sports become a bore? Maybe it's the election that had us all under a Palin vs Obama spell. Now that the election over, but not the scandals will sports ever return to dominance. I mean seriously, Cavaliers, Ko-baby, and the Celtics have kept my interest in the NBA. I don't want to talk about the NFL. Ever since they moved MNF to ESPN and SNF to NBC, it's just blah.

Join me on my new blog, Scorpia's Lounge. I want to detail my journey from lab to fab! Also, I appreciate every one's support. U-N-U Radio is still rocking and Mr. Moon is holding it all down. I'm still getting submissions from artists all over the world. So thanks to you all!