Friday, January 25, 2008

Video of the Day

Now this one is funny!

It's on Down Under!!!

" Down Under" has been downright crazy! Every prediction that commentators and I had are thrown out the window. On the ladies side, Serena and Venus have been so inconsistent lately that I never had them in the finals, like the Williams showdown of years previous. Although, I had higher expectations from Serena, because she was the defending champion of the grand slam. Venus on the other hand has been battling injuries for the last couple of seasons, so it was awesome just to see her past the third round. My pick for the final was Justine Henin and Jankovic, but fiery sexy Serbian player, Ivanovic was determined to make all those theories crumble. Sharapova, the Canon girl stepped her game up to overcome Henin and finds herself in a showdown with Ivanovic. The men on the circuit are certainly drooling for that one!

Now to the men! Nadal and Federer are out of the running for the grand slam title. I wasn't so much surprised at the Nadal loss, because he tends to have trouble on the hard courts. Djokovic beat Roddick, Nadal, and Federer in the Rogers Master Series last season, so he was clearly the favorite to beat him again. I've been watching Tsonga for awhile and until the injuries, I had him in the top 20. He beat Nadal and will climb into the top 20 today. So that's it, Tsonga vs Djokovic and Sharapova vs Ivanovic! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Tsonga will beat Djokovic and Ivanovic will shock Sharapova with a bad ass performance and win the Aussie Slam.

Well, I'm eating my words right now. Tsonga put up a good fight in the 4th set, but lost in the tiebreak to make Novak Djokovic the youngest player to win the Open and the 1st Serbian to win the title as well. The less glamorous outcome occurred on the women's side, Sharapova grunted and screamed her way to the title, winning her first Australian Open. Congrats to all the runner-ups and the winners!

R.I.P. Heathcliff Andrew Ledger

I know it seems like ages since the last time I've posted anything, but my life has just been so crazy! Anyway, this story has really saddened me, Heath Ledger was such a great actor! It's just a complete tragedy what happened. Although, details are very vague and kind of unclear in my opinion, he was pronounced dead at 3:36 p.m. on Jan 22. I really don't understand the lack of common sense that some people possess, seriously! Why the hell did the masseuse call Mary-Kate Olsen? Did they have an intimate relationship? When a person is cold and not breathing, you don't call someone that can help only by getting private security, because they know people! He was taking so many prescription pills, all which I'm familiar. It's hard sometimes to follow the label, because you want it all to stop at once. You're anxious, can't sleep, and a quick fix is usually what people seek! I was watching the news this morning and the latest news to come out of this story is the protest that apparently will occur during his funeral by a Baptist group. The group will protest the fact that Heath played a gay character in the Oscar blockbuster, Brokeback Mountain. Come on people, let the man rest in peace for goodness sakes! It was a role, not a true life story idiots. Dark Knight will arrive in theatres in the summer, Ledger plays the Joker. It's going to make big money just for the sympathy towards the actor and I'm going to be totally creeped out! The great ones always die young.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Video of the Day

I was a little reluctant to post this video of the day, but then I thought, I hate the Cowboys so why not bask in all their losing glory! The funniest part of Owens' tear jerker press conference was his remarks about having good relationships with his past quarterbacks. He must have totally been under hypnosis or maybe he was in some drug induced coma, because he acted like a 5 yr old whining his way from city to city. Everyone deserves a vacation, but not during the playoffs. It's not time to get hidden under the skirts! Romo was just bad and the receivers even worse! So keep crying TO and remember there's always next year, so keep you're popcorn ready!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Britney Spears and Drama Don't Mix!

I haven't been quick to hop on the Britney trail like all the other celebrity bloggers. I said to myself that I wouldn't put my opinions out there until the details of situation were more clear. Britney was involved in a child custody showdown with her ex K-Fed. She was apparently high on some unknown substance and taken to Cedars-Sinai for evaluation. She was released this weekend. Her family is very disappointed that the hospital didn't keep her longer, I second that! Anyway, Dr. Phil had planned to air a special show about Britney and the troubles that she's encountered over the last couple of years. The show has been scrapped by Phil, because he wants to respect the family's wishes. However, the family did ask that Dr. Phil go to the hospital and visit Britney and he granted their wish. I think people should realize that this girl really needs help. It's not some game or attention that is being sought, she's not at all mentally there! It's crazy how Hollywood puts a popularity meter on your back based on how infamous you are. I can only hope that Britney will get it together, because she's lost custody of her kids and that should be more important! I know it would be for me, damn the records, forget about the parties. I would want my kids back and will do anything necessary to gain at least supervised custody. Unfortunately, until Britney is mentally stable, she won't think like that. At least, the children weren't harmed, but what an adulthood their going to have! Child stars have access to an excessive amount of drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous habits and usually it's because family problems were their during early childhood. Hopefully, they'll be lucky enough to have a father that puts his career on hold in order to provide the best, safest care possible. His music is terrible, but he's turning out to be a really respectable guy! I can't knock anyone who's stepping up to the plate, the only question I have is, what's the motive? If the answer the children then he has my vote!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama and Huckabee are Winners in Iowa!

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)


It seems as if Hilary has lost some steam! She fell shortly after Sen. Edwards in Iowa, which tells me that having her husband, former president Clinton by her side everywhere she goes, doesn't sit well with women all over this country and it's probably sickening for the men. Please don't miss understand what I'm writing, I like Hilary and some of her views about what this country needs to be in the near future. She just comes off as a real insecure or very dependent person! I think Clinton was a great president, we definitely weren't dealing with all these messes from the current administration, but still it's not new thoughts. She'll have her husband's initiatives and values when it comes to politics. I'm still undecided with who I'll vote for, but Obama is looking real good right now. I'll continue to watch the debates and read up on every candidate, because like I said, the best person for the job could be Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green or whatever else is out there.

Huckabee hanging with Chuck Norris and playing bass with Mama Kicks must have persuaded a few Walker fans! He's been the talk on the View just about everyday. Remember when Clinton played the Saxophone, everyone deemed him the Black president, which I never understood. So Mike is coming off real cool to the young people. Huckabee is headed to New Hampshire with the rest of the crew, but with little money and already behind in the polls there. So we'll just have to see what happens! Will Clinton get out of her 3rd place rut? Will Obama continue to gain voters and win NH as well? Will Mitt Romney ever shut-up? Will Giuliani admit he's a womanizer? I think that's enough questions for now.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boston Triple Crown?

It's time for a little sports wrap-up of my favorite teams, which all hail from Beantown! Is it possible that Boston will have 3 championships? I think so, at least that's what the numbers say. I know the whole spy gate controversy was a total damper on my Pats, but just look at the results! Let me just give you some stats so you can be on the same page even if you're not a die hard sports fan like myself. Tom Brady sets a record 50 touchdown passes, the franchise sets a record of 75 touchdowns in a single season, and 589 points for the year, which is a NFL record. The end result is 16-0! Did I mention one of the main reasons for their success? Randy Moss has calmed down and matured so much as a player. He caught a record 23 touchdown passes from the Stetson model. It's the first time that a team has went undefeated in a 16 game season. The '72 Miami Dolphins were 14-0 and then won the Super Bowl! Basically, New England is the clear favorite to win the big one.

Now on to the big three in green. Garnett, Allen, and Pierce are averaging 59.5 points this season. We've just reached the 30 game mark and they're dominating the East and West. The team's record is 27-3! The question is, can the big three stay healthy enough to keep it going? I think what Boston has this season is remarkable, they have so many bench players that piece it all together. Eddie House is a journeyman in the league, but his outside shooting has brought him much success with the team. Boston has so many outside shooters: Ray Allen 38%, Pierce 40%, Rondo 33%, House 44%, Tony Allen 44%, Posey 40%, Pruitt 33%, Scalabrine 30%, need I say more!!! The Celtics are a well oiled machine and until the wheels fall off they're on their way to the promise land.

I can only hope that the Pats and Celts can follow in the footsteps of my beloved Red Sox and bring the triple crown to Beantown. There's still 50 games left in the NBA regular season and the Patriots have a bi-week before they start their run for the trophy. Only the strong survive and in the words of my boss man, Lets go Redtriotics!!!




Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leave Miley Alone!!


I'm a little late with my opinion of the whole Miley Cyrus pics, but as always my two cents will be given. First of all, why are we so paranoid about every damn thing? I mean seriously, it's hilarious to me how society will expose kids to sex, drugs, and fashion that I feel is to much like an adult, but when pics surface that to me seem innocent, everyone is in an uproar! The girl is 15 for goodness sakes, she could be like Drew Barrymore snorting coke at a club where the age minimum is 21. Please don't get me wrong she may end up like so many celebs who are lost right now, but at this point in time that doesn't seem to be the case. I think it's sad that we have such a double standard of what's appropriate. Moms and dads are letting kids watch all these mature shows and buying magazines that have Paris Hilton half-dressed on the cover. When are parents going to take some responsibility for what their children do or watch? You can't control everything that they do when they're not in front of you, but in your presence you have the discretion! I think it's good that Miley still has her innocence, especially having so much money at her fingertips. We can't continue to give false role-models to these young people. I said this about Jamie Lynn and the same goes for Miley! She's been on radio shows defending herself, letting everyone know that it was her BFF and there's nothing more going on. If she's not ready to question her sexuality then why are we?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's in Store for 2008?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. I'll resume my blogging duties tomorrow. Today, I want all my readers to take a moment and be thankful for whatever you have. You know to many times we forget about the small things in life. I have a habit of complaining when seriously there's no need to. We're all superficial at times, but that doesn't mean that being ungrateful is cute. So enjoy family and friends as you eat Black-eyed Peas and Cabbage and throw all the problems you had in 2007 out the window. Of course more drama is in store, we'll have a new president by the end of 2008, new celeb mess, and more starving people in the world. I want people to join me in that fight, help the refugees around the world to have some food and shelter. Please go to and give a little or contribute $10/month. I wasn't paid for this little advertisement, so know that this request is very genuine and close to my heart!