Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jessica Biel Turns Down Wonder Woman

Photo: IFILM

Jessica Biel
has decided to pursue other roles than play one of America's favorite characters. It wasn't official if Biel was ever in serious talks with the studio executives, but she has totally dismissed the project now! She's currently filming Powder Blue with Forest Whitaker. How could you turn down such a role, 7th Heaven fame is long gone. Ok, so being Timberlake's girlfriend does give you extra cool points and the fact that your bod is ridiculous, but it's freakin Wonder Woman! My partner in crime TM just posted a fantastic article about it and now all hopes are gone. There's still Rachel Bilson, all she needs is high stilettos and a little less make-up!

Patriots and Belichick Sued for $184 Million!

A New York Jets fan sues the Patriots and Bill Belichick for $184 Million! The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Newark, N.J., by season-ticket holder Carl Mayer. He's seeking damages on grounds that the Pats " deceived customers". I'm angry as hell too, but $184 million is going a little to far! What the Patriots have done is completely unforgivable, but they were punished, although I didn't agree with them, but the team was punished by the commissioner. I don't think any judge is going to award you anything other than a refund for your season-tickets and maybe a cool mil, it would be ludicrous to expect more!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Video of the Day

Guess What Bill O'Reilly Said Now

Bill O’Reilly actually felt the need to comment on his experience at a black restaurant in Harlem recently on his radio show. He actually was so surprised that black people weren’t shooting each other to get to the front of the line faster and that his server didn’t have a single gold tooth that he relayed the story to the world, as if the world really expects that in black restaurants you should always expect to see the cook’s platinum chain dipping into the soup-of-the-day.

He said that he “couldn’t get over the fact” that Sylvia’s was “no different” than any other restaurant in New York, “even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronage.” Later, he said, "There wasn't one person in Sylvia's screaming, 'M-Fer, I want more iced tea.' You know, because we’re incapable of making simple requests without saying “mf” first.

Bill O’Reilly, that is some racist stuff. It’s not like we bankrupt all our businesses by stealing from the register so we can buy crack. You probably still call us “colored.”

I don’t even think I can follow this up with anything else, because honestly, what more needs to be said? If you are seriously surprised at the quality of a black restaurant in this day and age, something is wrong with you. What the hell do you think we do, throw our food at the floor before we serve it to people? No, wait, there’s white people coming. We’ll wipe it off on our aprons first.

Imagine that black people can sit at a table, with chairs and tablecloths, in fact! Imagine that black people can use silverware that doesn’t need to be rewashed before it’s used! Free bread? Menus? No health code violations? It’s like we’re in some kind of crazy black dream, where black people are civilized members of society! If they keep this up, they might get to ride in the front of the bus or not get sprayed with fire hoses. Sky’s the limit for these black people!

What’s next, a black President? Well, let’s not get crazy. I know it’s mind-blowing that this restaurant (Sylvia’s) didn’t have any metal detectors, but let’s be serious. Black people shouldn’t be in the White House unless they’re part of a tour group.

You know, maybe I shouldn’t come down so hard on Bill O’Reilly. I mean, I once went into one of these black restaurants, and I have to admit that I was shocked, shocked, I tell you, to not see one fried item on the menu. Nothing on the menu was cooked with hog fat, and there wasn’t a single jheri curl or prison tattoo behind the counter. That blew me away. I didn’t even get sleepy after eating the food. All in all, it was a disappointing experience. I had heard so much about these “black restaurants,” so I expected to have at least one lazy Negro give me attitude for daring to come inside and order food.

I didn’t even see any black youths running from the cops. Everyone knows that when black people run and they don’t have a basketball, they’re running from the cops. I saw some black people running, but they were just jogging. Oh, and the restaurant was just a restaurant. They didn’t do any shoe repair or oil changes in the back. They only served food. What a letdown.

What the hell is wrong with you, Bill O’Reilly? Seriously, you couldn’t possibly have been serious about what you were saying. And I hope your listeners understand that we are not some kind of primitive, depraved reprobates that require the strong hand of Christian Caucasian authority to keep us in line. I am truly offended that you felt the need to detail your experiences at a black restaurant. Black people were busy being civilized while your ancestors were flinging poo at each other in a cave in France. Just because some of us don’t know how to act doesn’t mean that we all can’t put on some nice clothes and eat a nice meal at a nice place served by nice black people.

Thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt, O’Reilly. That’s mighty white of you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hung Jury in the Phil Spector Murder Trial!

AP Photo/Gabriel Bouys, Pool

How unfortunate, the jury in the Spector case was unable to reach a verdict. The evidence was overwhelming! Lana Clarkson was a nightclub hostess when Spector met her on Feb 3, 2003. He invited her to join him at his mansion in Alhambra at approx 5 a.m. for some drinks. Clarkson died when a gun went off in her mouth as she sat in a chair in the foyer. The defense claims that it was a self-inflicted wound or suicide. I'm not an expert, but why would someone come to a home at 5 a.m. for " drinks" and then commit suicide. Most people these days have personal problems, but it doesn't justify what happened. Furthermore, prosecutors presented Spector's chauffeur, who said that he heard a "pow" and that Spector then came outside with a gun in his hand and stated: "I think I killed somebody. Also, they called five women from Spector's past who testified that he long ago terrorized them with guns when they tried to leave his presence! In my opinion "Doctor Detroit" was high on blow and decided that Lana was his target! I hope Lana's family will file a Civil suit against Phil and get some kind of resolve. Why did the O.J. trial get more coverage than the Phil Spector case?

Video 2 of the Day!!!

Double the laughter!!!

Video of the Day

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shazam, Wonder Woman Casting News

Just when I thought that the ruination of G.I. Joe or the completely unecessary Barbie and Hot Wheels movies weren't enough, Satan himself reached up from Hell to hand deliver the latest news on the Wonder Woman movie. Okay, it wasn't Satan, but did post it earlier today.

Jessica Biel is apparently the front-runner to play Wonder Woman. That's right, Mary Camden is most likely going to be cast as Wonder Woman. I'm not pissed by it, so that says that either I'm maturing or I'm jaded by Hollywood's process of making movies. I don't think I was going to be pleased with anyone that they cast in this role.

I guess there were worse choices, like Oprah or Drew Barrymore. I just hope Jessica Biel can pull off "aloof," or "threatening." She might have done it in "Blade: Trinity," but that movie looked like it was going to suck in advance. I do know that she's mastered being "afraid," but I've seen porn stars in horror flicks get that one down.

But on the positive news front, The Rock is in the running for two roles in the upcoming "Shazam!" movie. He's the lead choice for both Captain Marvel and Black Adam.

He says that it's "up to the fans" to decide which role he plays. If that's the case, let me start the campaign to get The Rock cast as Black Adam. It's clearly a no-brainer to anyone familiar with The Rock and Black Adam, but this being Hollywood, they'll probably screw it up and cast him as Polly Pureheart, visiting from the "Underdog" movie. If this comes to pass, it would be one of the greatest castings ever, and make me feel a little better about the fact that they're turning one of the premier heroes of the DC Universe into an "action-comedy" movie.

Here's hoping that I get to see The Rock plant Captain Marvel into a wall. Keep your fingers crossed.

You Don't Know Jack!

AP Photo

Oh well, just when you thought Hollywood alcoholism had gotten better (LOL), Keifer " Lost Boys" Sutherland was arrested for drunk driving early Tuesday morning in West Los Angeles. He was released around 4 a.m. after posting 25,000 bail. He will return to court on October 16 to appear in front of a judge on the misdemeanor charges against him. Keifer's show is scheduled to premier on Fox in January.

Video of the Day

This is just genius! If you like Family Guy and Star Wars, then you can really appreciate the episode. You can watch the other parts once part 1 is finished.

The Biggest Steroid Bust in the Nations's History!

AP Photo
Federal authorities announced the largest crackdown on illegal steroids in the nation's history Monday, arresting more than 120 people and raiding dozens of labs that manufactured growth hormone for sale on the black market. Agents seized 56 labs, many of which were located in dirty basements, and recovered 11.4 million doses of steroids, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The announcement follows a growing number of scandals in the sports world over steroids, but authorities said the probe was focused on distributors, not users, and that no professional athletes were directly involved in the investigation.

Do you really believe this story had nothing to do with sports? If you do then, you're a little naive. Steroids has never been a focal point of the Drug Enforcement Administration until all the scandals in MLB. I mean don't get me wrong, a lot of investigative and sting operations are definitely under wraps, but I think the BALCO case really made agents realize that it's a really big business and there just might be something going on. I firmly believe that some players in the sports arena are definitely sweating right now. I just can't see this story not involving other players and more documents that have proof of illegal steroid use. I'm sure the commissioner of Major League Baseball is looking for a round table discussion as we speak!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brangelina Goes to Washington D.C.

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP-Getty Images

Brangelina left the kiddies behind in New York to handle some humanitarian business in the nation's capitol. Brad visited the Washington Post and Angelina met with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice for some serious discussions about her recent UNHCR trip to Iraq and Syria in late August. Pitt, 43, is in town researching his upcoming role as an investigative reporter in "State of Play," a Washington-based drama about hard-nosed journalists trying to solve the murder of a congressman's mistress. This movie sounds real intriguing, it starts shooting in November and Brad's "Fight Club" co-star will share the screen, Edward Norton! Wow, it must be crazy with all the stuff Angelina has going on. That is why I admire her so much! The woman has four kids, a loving partner, and is a high-ranking Goodwill Ambassador. You have to at least give her props for that even if you have ill feelings toward her, because of the Brad and Jen break-up. I hope the meeting was successful and the party of three were able to come up with some possible solutions for those many refugees in Iraq and Syria. Also, look out for " State of Play" sometime in 2008.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Britney Charged with Hit and Run

Britney " hot mess" Spears was charged Friday with misdemeanor counts of hit and run and driving without a valid license in connection with a parking lot crash in August, prosecutors said. If convicted, the singer could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count, said Nick Velasquez, spokesman for the city attorney's office. Spears, 25, was captured by paparazzi that day steering her car into another vehicle as she tried to turn into a spot in a Studio City parking lot. After assessing the damage to her own car only, she was shown on paparazzi video walking away. Three days after the accident, the owner of the other vehicle filed a police report, and investigators later determined that Spears does not have a license, officials said.

Well, it was bound to happen after that hideous performance at the Video Music Awards. A court commissioner ordered her to undergo random drug and alcohol testing in her child custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline. The incident happened in August, but they're just now charging her! Maybe if she had a better performance, they would be more forgiving. Oh well, K-Fed might as well get the beds ready!

Video of the Day

The Video of the Day is dedicated to all the mothers out there, it's pretty damn funny!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bowie Donates Money to the Jena 6 Defense Fund

Rocker and husband of supermodel Iman has donated 10,000 dollars to the Jena 6 Defense Fund. "There is clearly a separate and unequal judicial process going on in the town of Jena," Bowie said Tuesday in an e-mail statement. "A donation to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund is my small gesture indicating my belief that a wrongful charge and sentence should be prevented." This story has caused nationwide coverage and a protest was held today in the small town. Please take time out of your day to read this story. Also, the students were defending themselves! In court documents, the weapon of choice for the assault was a TENNIS SHOE! Rev. Jesse Jackson has criticized Obama for not being more pressing in the case. He feels that all the Democratic candidates should be all over this story and really fighting for equality. I don't disagree with the Reverend, but at the same time Obama has made it very clear his position in the matter. We have to remember that when running for the " big" seat of the White House, you must take on multiple issues. You can ask anyone and they will tell you that I love all races until they come at me wrong! It doesn't matter what color you are, I don't tolerate disrespect! However, I am a realist and statistics don't lie. So if you want the stats here is the link. I will keep you posted on the outcome of this sad story.

What is Flamingo....

I love the Nancy Grace show, but she's clearly being a b****!

Meet Goldie Boy De La Hoya!

Wow, doesn't Oscar look like a ripped tough guy? Well if you check him out here, then you'll be saying WTF! Supposedly these pictures are very much real and were taken a year ago by a stripper. She said that her and Oscar were role playing, well that's obvious. So he's the new Marv Albert! Of course his reps are saying that the photos are not real and have been totally photo shopped. I'm no expert in that department, but his body is definitely leaning against the tub and his hands are definitely touching the sofa, but my co-worker who uses photo shop frequently said that it's totally possible and that there is some discrepancy in the pics. What is up with these celebs taking pics and shooting amateur s** videos? We shall see how this story pans out, look for a lawsuit real soon!

Dan Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit

The face of CBS for over 20 years has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the network. Supposedly, CBS and its parent company intentionally botched the aftermath of a discredited story about President Bush's military service to curry favor with the administration. However, it was partly based on documents that CBS later acknowledged could not be authenticated, and was retracted by the network shortly afterwards. CBS fired the report's producer of the segment and three other employees. Six months later, in March 2005, Rather stepped down as anchor of the CBS Evening News after 24 years, to be replaced by Katie Couric. The lawsuit claims that Rather lost a significant amount of money and damaged his reputation as a reporter. Well of course, he was making 6 million dollars a year! Poor Katie Couric's job has been rumored to be in jeopardy, because the ratings have never been lower for a prime-time news show on the network. She had some pretty big shoes to fill, but I can always give props to an individual who can take on a challenge like that, especially a woman! Hopefully things will work out for Katie and she can find a happy medium.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Video of the Day

Wow, this is a first!

The Kingdom Premier

The Kingdom premiered last night and all the A-listers were there to support Jamie Foxx and others. I don't have an opinion on this movie. The fact that Foxx is playing the star and Garner is trying to resurrect her career makes me a little interested in seeing if these two can pull it off. So far the reviews have been quite good and many are claiming it's the best movie of the year. Now until the movie comes out, I can't agree! The best movies of the year are Bourne Ultimatum and Spider-Man 3!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Video of the Day

This is a Public Service Announcement. Please leave the Meth alone or you will look like them!

The Emmy Wrap-Up

The pictures that you see are my best dressed of the night. The red carpet was basically the best part of the evening. I was not impressed with Ryan Seacrest at all! He needs to continue hosting American Idol, why did he even accept this job? I hated the round audience, it seemed very unorganized. Kate Walsh's dress was very nice, but the curly swoop on the side was not flattering and what the hell was Vanessa Williams wearing, it would've been so much prettier if the designer took away those hideous feathers and just made the dress very simple. I love Ellen and her signature blue Converse is her trademark, but the whole gold nylon or some kind of material was not cute around her neck. She should have left that home and let her partner do the fem thing! I wasn't very impressed with Heigl's correction of her name when they announced her award for Best Supporting Actress. Ok, so you're a star now after years of working in the industry, but not everyone can pronounce it right. I'm sure it was an honest mistake! Her movie Zyzzyx Rd. in 2006 only grossed $20 dollars, it only opened up in one theatre in Dallas, if that makes it any better. I guess only two people saw the movie. So I can see why the correction of your name was so necessary, because of the Grey's Anatomy fame and Knocked Up, which has grossed $190 million! Christina was so adorable and very much pregnant, no confirmation needed ma! Well that's about it and hopefully next year will be a lot more entertaining. Oh yea, Sally Fields was a total trip! Did they really have to pan out to the back of the stage when she said, " god-damned wars in the first place"? Remember, it was on Fox!

Patriots Beat San Diego Despite Drama!

Nick Laham/Getty Images
So Sunday was a very interesting game. I was looking forward to see how the Patriots would come out after a turbulent week of fines and humiliation for their espionage. I think the consensus was the Patriots have enough talent to overcome any scrutiny from the general public and the sports community. They came out with such an intensity, ready to handle any team that stands in their way. Belichick was composed on the sidelines, even though I feel he shouldn't be there. I mean if you're going to suspend Wade from the Dallas Cowboys and he's only the quarterback coach, then you should definitely suspend a head coach!! Anyway, the Patriots routed the San Diego Chargers 38-14 and the troops left the field confident that no help was needed. The Chargers defense was a hot mess and Tom Brady was business as usual. I don't think this team will be going 14-2 when the season is all over! A source close to the team revealed that the Pats have a whole reference library that includes videos of other defensive strategies by other teams. If this is true and some of the video is during their Super Bowl championships then I wonder if the titles will be stripped and given to the opposite team, lets just say Philly!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Zahara May Have Hip Surgery!

Zahara Jolie-Pitt may need surgery on her hip ! The little tot has hip dysplasia and without surgery she may have trouble walking and running in the future. Angelina and Brad definitely have a difficult decision to make, but I'm sure whatever is the best interest of their child, the pair will do just that! When Angelina adopted Z from Ethiopia in 2005, she suffered from dehydration, recovered from rickets and was severely malnourished when the couple brought her home from an Addis Ababa orphanage. I really hope she gets the corrective surgery, so she can enjoy life with a her family without suffering!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Suspicious Package at Northwest Terminal!

Reuters Photo
Northwest airlines terminal at DTW airport shut-down today due to an unattended package. There is no further information at this time, because authorities are investigating. Well at least it was discovered ahead of time, people were doing their job!

Poor Britney Takes Meds Before Performing at the VMA!

The head is down, sunglasses on, legs crossed, all the makings of a depressed not having a best week ever pop princess! New information has been released about the chaos backstage in the Spears camp. Apparently Brit wasn't to happy about her hair and the lack of rehearsal that she did, so she started going into a rage blackout. A doctor was dispatched from the Palms Casino and gave Brit some anti-depressants to calm her down. Well ladies and gents, now we know where the forgotten words, slow hot mess dance routine and a horrible Beyonce bounce came from! It was the side effects of.....I almost feel sorry for Brit, but she got herself into this mess and only she can get herself out. I think a little r&r is in order and take your kids, with an assistant of course!

Videos of the Day

Which version do you like better?
I love Travis Barker and this has to be the best version of "Crank That". I wonder how Soulja Boy feels about the remix, he has to give mad props!

I am Jason Bourne Identity!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Video of the Day!!

I'm back...did yall miss me. Ms. Scorpia, this is for you!!! (big smile)

What a Way to Save on the Electric Bill!!!

David Davidson, 79, and his wife, Jean, 70, have been living in a roadside motel for the past 22 years. The couple first tried out a Travelodge hotel while visiting a sick aunt in 1985 -- and were instantly hooked. The couple have spent around 100,000 pounds (200,000 dollars, 150,000 euros) renting rooms. They say it equals the amount that other people pay on mortgage, so I guess it is a good deal. They don't get hit with huge heating bills over the winter and its safer than a lot of places these days, the housework is done for them and they do not pay utility bills!!! I mean seriously, if I didn't have to pay Reliant energy anymore, I WOULD BE ELATED! (but I don't have that kind of money..) After talking it over with my colleagues, we have come to the conclusion that this ain't a bad idea. So right now we are looking at a 3 bedroom suite at the Homewood Suites, I mean free continental breakfast daily!!!!

Roger Goodell Ready to Punish Pats!

AP Photo/Mel Evans

I'm so disappointed in the New England Patriots! They're my favorite NFL team and the news of them spying is just so messed up! I remember last year when they played against the Green Bay Packers, the team was accused of spying then and Roger Goodell made it very clear that it would not be tolerated and there will be consequences if any team is caught. Well way to go Pats, such a great way to start the season off! The same video assistant that was on the sidelines during the Packers game was the same person from last Sunday's game. The league is determining what punishments need to be given. The rumor is the team will get a stiff fine and will have to give up some draft picks. The Patriots will be allowed an opportunity to present their case by Friday, sources said, most likely via the telephone. Do you think this will tarnish the Patriots good name? Do you think that the team shouldn't be in the postseason?

JustSweet Fashion Show in New York

J.Glo unveiled her JustSweet fashion line at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday night. The line actually looks pretty cute, nothing I would wear, but then again I'm not so into the fem look. Is it just me or does Mrs. Lopez look like she's eating for two? I know she always had some back, but never any front. If she is preggers, what a sexy momma she'll be!!

Vote for Miss Lagos!

Unfortunately, the website won't let me save her picture. So, please follow the link to see her beautiful pic and vote for my friend. I work with this young lady and she really deserves the opportunity to represent her state, Lagos.

Ugonna S. Anosike is an exciting, driven, young lady who was born August 1, 1980 in Houston Texas, and is the eldest of 4 children. Although she currently resides in Missouri City, Texas, her home is Ntigha, Isiala Ngwa, Local Government Area, Abia State. She graduated from Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama in 2004 with a degree in Biology. While in school she was a member of the Ecology club, the Science club, and the Student National Medical Association. She is currently employed at Baylor College of Medicine, where she aides in the research of human genomes. Her love for advocacy and human rights has spearheaded her plan to attend law school in the fall of 2008. Ugonna is also a member of a social club by the name of B.A.S.E. (Black Able Sisters of Elegance). Upon joining B.A.S.E. she realized the value in community service, and what it really meant to give back to the less fortunate. While in the organization she volunteered at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and the Boys and Girls club. In Houston, Ugonna served as the secretary of the Ngwa Houston Chapter youth wing. As a member of this organization she helped to organize various activities for the youth and young adults to promote the awareness of the culture of NGWA. Ugonna is also very active at her church; she is one of the leaders of praise and worship and is the assistant leader for the children’s choir. Ugonna’s goal for the future besides being an attorney is to start a mentoring program for young Nigerian girls to encourage them to embrace their culture, and to teach them how to be elegant, God-fearing, leaders for the future of Nigeria.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kanye West, Please Shut-Up!!!

Photo by: INF; Frank Micelotta / Getty

The forever outspoken Kanye West has cancelled all of his appearances on the MTV Network. What a conceited, arrogant, angry person he is! You are the one that always has to have the center of attention and that's just what MTV gave you, an over the top suite party at the Palms, so you can perform damn near half your album and you want to complain that everyone else big got the main stage! You were " touching the sky" on the glass balcony of the most awesome hotel in Vegas. I think that was better than performing on stage! This guy really gets under my skin, he's always complaining and putting someone else that is equally talented down! His other complaint was Pamela Anderson's remarks during her intro. Now, if the networks assured you that no disrespect towards your relationship will happen, did you really think that was going to stop Pam from putting you on blast. See, next time be a little more careful when choosing the women in your videos. Did you use her for publicity to the masses or were you really a fan? The Britney exploitation claim, I'm not buying it. She wanted the comeback and MTV has always been her biggest supporter, so why not help a friend in need. Spears should have rehearsed more on her lip-syncing and dance routine, the network had nothing to do with that. What the hell happened to the stunt by Criss Angel? Kanye get over yourself and Brit become a stay at home mom!

Jennifer Hudson Gets a New Role

Reuters Photo

Jennifer Hudson will play the assistant to Carey on the new Sex and the City movie that will be coming out sometime next year. I will just say this, Hudson is an awesome singer and decent dramatic actress. Notice I said dramatic, because this will definitely not be a drama. I'm not hating on her in any way, but if you've watched the show then you know that comedic timing and intangible wit plays a big part of the success that the show has. I will wait to completely dismiss the role until it comes out and I can give a thorough review. I'm glad she won the Oscar, it was a great accomplishment in such a young career and with an award like that, opportunity is surely knocking! So congrats girl and hopefully you can fill those pretty big shoes. Don't you think that the role should have gone to Tracey Ellis-Ross of Girlfriends? Check out her comedy reel, just follow the link.

Video of the Day

Remember 9/11

I remember these images like it was yesterday! Today marks the sixth anniversary of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. It was 8:40 a.m. when the first plane struck one of the towers. A vigil will be held in a park a block away from Ground Zero, presidential candidate, former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani will attend. He has received some criticism for making an appearance at the ceremony, because some feel that he's trying to get more publicity by using the tragedy as a platform for his opinions on the War in Iraq. I personally feel that, it's his right to come there, he was the Mayor at the time! I mean seriously, the man has a heart and sorrow for the tragedy must fill his mind. It's not something that can easily be forgotten even as you move forward in life. We're reminded everyday that it's never going to be over. The reports from Patraeus that came out yesterday, the new tape from a weakened Bin Laden and constant bickering in Congress from both parties to get the troops out of Iraq! Please as you go through the day, remember those that lost their lives and ones that are still suffering from injuries and health conditions that will affect them their whole life. Please be thankful for what you have, because others aren't so fortunate!

Monday, September 10, 2007

MTV Video Music Awards Review

Photo by Jason Squires/

Photos by John Shearer/

OMG!!! The MTV Video Music Awards were horrible. There were a few highlights that were memorable, but otherwise not so much. Lets start with the bad shall we, Britney looked like a hooker that just had a baby and left it at the hospital to half-ass perform and lip-sync her way to an attempted comeback!!! I know it's a little harsh, but she's lost it and I mean completely. The over hyped battle between 50 Cent and Kanye West was on display all night with these 2 min performances of almost every single from their albums. I understand that the show was in Vegas, but seriously MTV just over did it! Chris Brown once again attempted his take on Mr. Jackson and he really could have kept it, maybe if his faulty performance at the World Music Awards a couple of years ago weren't so bad, I might give him some props. He did like 3 songs and then Rihanna came out as if the two were going to do the remix of "Umbrella", how wrong was I. Oh yea, the 30 sec performances in the little hotel parties given by the stars were horrendous!
Now for the good! Linkin Park, Alicia Keys, and Justin Timberlake really had strong performances. Keys has really put on some extra weight, her thighs were looking a little thick, but for the most part, the performance was original and classic. Linkin Park is my favorite rock group, so I knew that an exceptional performance was in the making and they didn't disappoint! J.T. rocked the house with his best bud Timbaland was pretty fly. The Southern Hospitality party given by Tim and J.T. was cool and I have to admit the " She Wants It" performance by 50, J.T. and Tim was well done. T.I. was the bomb as usual, he remains one of the original rappers. I can't wait to see his atcing skills in American Gangster, which most reviews have been good! Also, congratulations go out to Justin, he won an Emmy for his performance of " D*** In a Box" on SNL.
Well that's about it, if I think of anything else during the day, I will update as usual.
In the words of Justin Timberlake, " MTV, play some more damn videos and stop the Simpson reality stuff!" I totally agree Justin, the network has become a reality drama driven fiasco! Did you see the preview for the Tila Tequila reality show that will be premiering sometime this month? She will choose at the end of the show if she wants to be with a girl or guy, how original! LOL

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Apologizes for Inappropriate Photo

Ms. Vanessa Hudgens has released a formal apology to the media. This comes after pics of her naked in the bedroom surfaced. Ok, I totally understand the concern parents have about the teen role model, but she is 18 yrs. old and supposedly the pics were for Zac Efron, her boyfriend. It's just unfortunate that the pictures weren't more of a private nature, like the use of a camera and give them to Zac. I think the media plays a big role of destroying teen idol careers, they're human and make dumb choices!! Supposedly, Disney is contemplating whether or not they should fire the starlet and replace her with Adrianne Britton from the famed Cheetah Girls to be Zac's love interest in the next High School Musical Movie. It's just all a hot mess and I really hope that Hudgens can stay strong, at least she apologized and admitted her wrong doing, unlike Antonella! I know it's easy for girls and teens to get attached to these stars, but I tell my son all the time, these people are playing a character and they make mistakes just like everybody else. So, don't think the behavior of Zac and Cody are real, because it's scripted and don't use them as your role model. I'm the role model is what I explain to my little boy and he knows that hard work and good behavior will pay-off in the long run. So parents reading this, please let your children know the truth and tell them that you're the role model and then it's your responsibility to hold true to that! Also, a link will not be provided at this blog, because I refuse to contribute to the hype and continued destruction of a human being!


Ok, so more details came out this weekend about the exposed High School Musical star. Apparently, she sent the pictures to Drake Bell of the Drake and Josh show a couple of years ago. Now that is a little creepy, 16 yrs old in full frontal!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Videos of the Day

Response from Jon Stewart

Stewart is so funny!!

11 Arrested in N.J. Corruption Probe

Now this is a hot mess! We vote these people into our state government only for them to be arrested and people wonder why citizens don't vote like they should. I mean seriously, someone really needs to step in and regulate these people. You want to have the upmost confidence in public officials to handle business accordingly. It's just real unfortunate that this type of situation has happened to frequently over the last five years!

By TOM HESTER Jr., Associated Press Writer

The arrests were related to insurance contracts for local governments, a law enforcement officials said on condition of anonymity because the formal announcement was pending. Democratic state Assemblymen Mims Hackett Jr. and Alfred E. Steele were both arrested, along with Passaic Mayor Samuel Rivera, the law enforcement official said. Also arrested were the chief of staff to Newark's City Council president, Passaic Councilmen Jonathan Soto and Marcellus Jackson, and five Pleasantville school board members. Initial court appearances were scheduled Thursday afternoon in Trenton. The U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, Christopher J. Christie, and FBI Special Agent in Charge Weysan Dun scheduled an afternoon news conference to discuss the case. Hackett, 65, is also the mayor of Orange, a city of about 33,000 residents 15 miles west of New York City. A phone message left at his office wasn't immediately returned Thursday. Steele, an assemblyman since 1996 and deputy speaker since 2002, works as a Baptist minister in Paterson and is a Passaic County undersheriff. Jenna Pollard, who answered the phone at Steele's office and identified herself as his chief of staff, said she had no comment and didn't know if Steele had a lawyer. More than 100 public officials in the state have been convicted on federal corruption charges in the last five years. Thursday's arrests were the latest in an anti-corruption campaign waged by Christie's office. Two other Democratic state senators, Wayne Bryant of Lawnside and Sharpe James of Newark, are among others facing pending corruption charges.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.....

(Bill Kostroun/AP Photo)

Brad Pitt took his handsome son, Maddox to the Yankees Game this week. It must be nice to have the hook-up with the major stars. Mad received a ball and bat from Derek Jeter! I wonder if the kids get overwhelmed with traveling, weren't these two just in Venice the day before? I'm so impressed with how Brad handles fatherhood, with his busy and hectic schedule he still maintains a close bond with all his children, collectively and individually.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The NFL season starts tonight with the Colts and Saints, but the talk hasn't been about the opener, but the revelations that Harrison and Wade Williams, the QB coach for the Cowboys are involved in a probe, much like the BALCO case. Mr. Wilson's suspension came a day after New England safety Rodney Harrison was suspended for the first four games of the season without pay. The moves stem from an investigation by the Albany, N.Y., district attorney's office into an alleged Internet scam involving an Orlando, Fla., pharmacy. The probe centers on performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids and human growth hormone, and professional athletes. I'm telling you it's only going to get worse, no league is safe now! Do you think the general public will care about this investigation just like steroids in baseball? I don't think so, because football is a contact sport and what people enjoy the most is watching these big, strong, athletic guys tackling and running for touchdowns. So in my opinion the impact will be very little and that's kind of sad the double-standard that exists, but it's America for goodness sake! The New England Patriots are my favorite team and I really hope that this doesn't affect the chemistry that exists in the locker room and on the field. Harrison has been such a major part of the Patriots success, remember the Eagles vs. Patriots a few years ago?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shaq "Diesel" Files for Divorce!

Wow, Shaq has filed for divorce after nearly five years of marriage to Shaunie! I'm not shocked by anyone getting a divorce these days, but my hopes were kind of high for this couple. I was telling someone today that you never know what's going on behind closed doors! According to the filing, which was first reported by The Miami Herald on its Web site Tuesday night, Shaquille O’Neal is asking Shaunie O’Neal to provide a “correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities” that she had access to or obtained during the marriage. Oh boy, sounds like some funny business was going on!

Halle Berry is Three Months Pregnant!

CREDIT: Gregory Pace / BEImages

I know it's way to early for me to be blogging, but a peaceful night sleep is just not in the cards for me tonight! I'm not trying to be the first to break the story in the blogosphere, because Popsugar and Perez has me beat I'm sure! Halle " sexy" Berry is preggers with Gabriel's baby. A few years ago I remember she told Oprah that she wasn't getting married anymore, but that a baby was definitely in her future even if she has to adopt. Can you imagine what this baby will look like? Brangelina has nothing on this couple, SERIOUSLY! Halle, enjoy the next seven months, because it will definitely be a roller coaster!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jerry Lewis's Telethon Break-Down!

Uploaded by krs601

This is not the video of the day, but an ignorant vid of Jerry Lewis using the F word! Hmmm, I wonder how much G.L.A.A.D. or other Human rights groups will treat this situation. I'm sure the excuse will be, he's getting old and he didn't know any better! Notice the people in the background laughing or maybe their in disbelief, but either way it's a hot mess. The telethon raised over 64 million dollars for his charity, will anybody want a refund?

Revised: As you can see someone has removed the video, but follow the link to see it on CNN and read his apology that was released on Tuesday. He said, "That something like this would distract from the true purpose of the telethon pains me deeply," Lewis said in a written statement. Do you think his apology was sincere? Will this situation cause an uproar like Isaiah did? People keep in mind that Isaiah said that him and Patrick Dempsey was arguing and he said that, " you're not going to treat me like a b****, you're not going to treat me like a punk, you're not going to treat me like a f**!" It's unfortunate that people take things out of context. It was assumed by the people on set that the derogatory slurs were directed towards Knight, but he wasn't even in the room and neither was I. I'm just quoting what the man said to Larry King on CNN a few months ago. Please don't misunderstand what I'm writing, there's no excuse for using the word at all, but people say things in the heat of the moment! It's human nature to do that, but Isaiah was real stupid when he said it again to confirm that he didn't say it in the first place. So he doesn't get any cool points from me. On the other hand, Jerry was calm and telling jokes when he used the word, no aggression was present. The only other excuse is maybe a little whiskey was in his system! Oh well, just another moment in Hollywood's society!

*Love Others as You Love Yourself*


" King " James Scores 31 Points to Win Gold!

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order to the U.S.A. basketball team. They received the gold medal in the F.I.B.A. tourney! Lebron " King" James shot 76 percent from the field and was 8-of-11 from three point territory. It was a close race almost to the finish line until U.S.A. just went on a rampage. They went on a 18-0 run before shutting the Argentinians down. The U.S. had already claimed a spot in the Olympics with a win in the semifinal game a couple of days before. Can LBJ continue his superb shooting when the regular season starts? I can only hope so!!

Welcome Aboard Delta Airlines!

I know this story is a month old, but it's still funny! Sarah Mills was arrested on public intoxication and terroristic threatening charges. The flight was immediately cancelled and passengers were allowed to board another flight going to Atlanta. She had the nerve to take it to another level by saying to the captain, "you're dead"!

Brangelina in Venice to Support Papa B

Photo by: Bauer-Griffin/ Popsugar
The Jolie-Pitt clan took Venice by storm this week to support Papa Pitt! He showcased his new movie, The Assassination of Jesse James, which hasn't been receiving great reviews. The film also stars Casey Afflek and Sam Shepard, who are really good actors and should bring the film some substance. On the red carpet Brad wore a white tuxedo and Angelina was draped in 2 million dollars worth of Bulgari duds! Brad spoke to Italian state t.v. and when asked was he and Jolie ready to add to the darling brood he answered, " yes, we're ready"! Good lord B and A take a little time off from the baby making, since I'm assuming it will be Angelina that will provide the added addition. Well, good luck you to and can you please put the darn kids down. You're going to need a hip-replacement before you turn 50!!