Friday, February 29, 2008

Smartest Dumb Thieves Ever

In case you hadn't heard, there was a very impressive jewel heist on Sunday in Milan. By impressive, I mean the planning and thought behind it. The cache, wasn't so impressive. The jewel thieves were probably a tad disappointed when they got home.

This is how it went down. Several times during the last few MONTHS, neighbors living in the area complained about noise in the early morning hours and late at night. The police were even called to investigate, but found nothing.

On Sunday, the armed, masked thieves stepped out from the basement via a tunnel bored through the cement. They forced employees in the showroom in to a small room where they were tied up while they went to clean out the safes.

Except the safes were mostly bare. This jeweler - Damiani - is famous for loaning his jewels out to stars on Oscar night. He had also lent a lot of his jewelry to the Tokyo store that was celebrating a grand opening that day. Oops.

In short, the most valuable jewels were already gone. (Tilda Swinton was wearing the bracelet above that was one of his premier diamond pieces Sunday night.)

All of the planning - from gaining access through a building next door that was undergoing remodeling so no one questioned the tools going in and out to the amount of time spent digging through cement walls - was a waste. Yeah, they did get some gold, platinum and diamond jewelry, but not the uber expensive stuff.

See kids, crime never pays. Even when you think you have it all figured out, an Award Ceremony will snag your plans. Robberies in the movies like Ocean's 11, 12 & 13 never work out how Hollywood writes them. Hollywood will always write the movies and wears the jewels...never the thieves.

Videos of the Week! Adult Content

Response from Jimmy Kimmel

I'm sure you've all seen this by now, for those who haven't, enjoy!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blind Man's Sight Restored!

This has got to be one of the most extraordinary miracles I've ever heard of! Please don't misunderstand my words like the whole American media did with Michelle Obama. I think it's clear what the most fascinating miracle is, if that's your belief.

Bob McNichol
, 57, from County Mayo in the west of the country, lost his sight in a freak accident when red-hot liquid aluminium exploded at a re-cycling business in November 2005. His eyesight has been restored after a procedure was done, by inserting his son's tooth in his eye! The technique was first done in Italy in the 1960's. Dr. Christopher Liu from the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton, England was the miracle worker in this story. The procedure used on McNichol involved his son Robert, 23, donating a tooth, its root and part of the jaw. McNichol's right eye socket was rebuilt, part of the tooth inserted and a lens inserted in a hole drilled in the tooth. The first operation lasted ten hours and the second five hours. Wow, talk about love for your father!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Run! Ali Lohan Wants to be Famous

Ali Lohan, the little sister to Lindsay Lohan, is only 14 and starting in on Hollywood. She was interviewed for an upcoming issue of Teen Vogue, where she literally gushes about wanting fame and stardom for herself.

"I want it so bad. So bad you don't even know. And now, it's actually happening."

That's scary. She's seen big sister get what she wants - from cars to houses to drugs to rehab. And she still wants what her sister has. What teenager wouldn't? The lifestyle is made to look glamorous and fun and without consequences - at least until recently. We'll see what happens to Paris Hilton's little brother Barron when it comes to his sentencing for his recent DUI bust. If he gets smacked down to jail, maybe the younger, starry eyed crowd won't be so wild with wanting stardom.

But for the Lohan family - not likely. Ali is fresh faced and an almost exact replica of an innocent looking Lindsay from just a few years back. Unfortunately, it probably won't be long until she is hounded by paps and pulling underage stunts that get her in trouble...unless mom/manager Dina has learned her lesson and takes charge. I'm not placing any bets though. Look at the Spears' family history of stardom for example.
Ali will be starring in a reality series with her mother as they make their way through Ali's musical 'career' and Hollywood life this spring/summer.

What do you think? Will she learn the lessons of her sister and stay out of trouble or will it get her in trouble even faster because she knows the ropes?

Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue.

Amy Winehouse, Mistress of Shock

I am fascinated... no, mesmerized by Amy Winehouse. I'm not sure why. I know it's not her voice or impeccable taste in fashion and makeup, nor her iconic personality that we all strive to emulate. And I'm pretty sure it not her conscientious attention to personal hygiene.

I think what hypnotizes me every time I see a picture of Amy is that she is so absolutely freakish unique. It's like the deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car or the horrific accident where you don't want to look but you can't help yourself.

What I'm wondering is, does she intentionally look like this for the shock value or is the girl completely clueless? Or a third option... maybe she just doesn't give a sh*t

Seeing an image of Amy Winehouse is like going to a scary movie. You scream all the through, but can't wait until the next one!

Image Source: The Meat Scale

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Gets Star Power

We've seen the big names that have been supporting Barack Obama lately...the biggest being Oprah Winfrey. Has her star power influenced other women to pull for Obama? Maybe...maybe not. To counter that power and momentum on the Obama side, Hillary Clinton has pulled in some big fire power over the weekend.

First up is Tina Fey - who was the first host of Saturday Night Live since the writer's strike ended last week. This is what she has to say on Weekend Update:

Then we have Ellen DeGeneres joing in the political circus and throwing her hat to Hillary. This is their discussion yesterday at a political rally.

So what do you think of these clips? Will they help gain momentum for Hillary or hurt her? They are funny...and true! Is it too late for Hillary to make a comeback?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Paris Hilton Hearing a Clock?

Paris Hilton has been seen with Benji Madden - the brother of Nicole Richie's baby daddy - for two days in a row now. And they have been dubbed as dating, which is hilarious. Two days, not even dates necessarily, and the pair are dating! Paris moves fast, but come on!

Secretly, I think it is a disaster. Paris turned 27 recently, and I bet she started hearing her biological clock a tick tocking. Her BFF Nicole had a baby and looks awesome, and Joel Madden is over the moon with his daughter and baby mama. So, it's not too far of a stretch to say his brother Benji might see the little family and be envious. Enter Paris, who is envious and egads! We might have a second little Madden family blooming soon.

Paris can't be Nicole in the baby department, but she could get a running jump on any marriage plans. Imagine what a paparazzi mess her wedding would be like!

Do you think Paris is hearing her biological clock starting to tick away the minutes she has left for a family?

Ralph Nader: The Political One-Car Accident

I used to admire Ralph Nader. He actually saved my life in 1966, after I read his 1965 book, Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile.

I was a semi-penniless college student driving a worn-out 1962 Chevrolet Corvair, which Nader prominently featured in his first chapter, titled “The One-Car Accident.” I had bought the car very cheaply from a gas station near campus, and, since I didn’t have much cash, the seller gladly had recorded the shady sale as “five used tires” on my gasoline credit card.

I soon realized, however, that I had an unstable beast on my hands. The engine was in the rear, which made the Corvair feel as if it were about to flip around tail-first any time I had to make fast stops or maneuver quickly in traffic. On wet or snowy roads, I drove with white knuckles and death-grips on the steering wheel, fearful that the heavy rear-end suddenly would start oscillating and whip around to the front. Until I read Nader’s book, I had no idea that the Corvair was hypersensitive to air-pressure differentials and temperature changes in its front and rear tires. And I was unaware that the car’s suspension system had serious design flaws which sometimes caused crashes.

Soon after reading Unsafe at Any Speed and surviving several near accidents, I got rid of the compact deathtrap and bought a tank: a 1958 Dodge with huge fins rising at its back and a massive engine in front. That car was as big as a parade float and fully loaded with the best Detroit steel and chrome. For as long as it lasted, I felt relatively safe at almost any speed.

So, thank you, Ralph Nader, for getting me out of that Corvair with my life and limbs intact. And now, shame on you, for screwing up the 2000 presidential election. By jumping in and stealing much-needed votes from Al Gore, you set the stage for King George and the neocons’ endless, needless war in Iraq. Double-shame on you, Mr. Nader, for stealing votes away from John Kerry in 2004, when Kerry really needed all the help he could get in his torpedoed attempt to oust Bush. And now, triple-shame on you for thinking your laudable war on corporate greed and corporate power should become the central issue in this year’s presidential race. Yes, it’s an important issue—one issue that definitely needs addressing. But it’s just one among hundreds of other pressing concerns.

You will get some votes. Many Americans are fed up with both parties and are paying scant attention to either side. And you are free to run for high office in our marvelous—and marvelously flawed—system. But you won’t win. In a really tight contest, you might siphon off just enough votes from an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket to let John McCain and his running mate slip through the back door.

Is this what you want? Do you hope historians will credit you as the man who gave us at least 12 consecutive years of conservative Republicanism and helped make the current American economy unsafe at any speed? Are you secretly happy that our once-vaunted international power and reputation have spun around into a one-car accident?

What can you offer that will help our nation heal and recover in this time of crisis? A corporate-free chicken in every pot? Two pimped-out Corvairs--on blocks--in every garage?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

George Clooney in Jelly Belly Beans

Image: In Case You Didn't Know

Here's my contribution to all the Oscar hoopla. George Clooney always looks hot... and sweet, but even sweeter is this image of the 46-year-old actor made of 10,000 Jelly Belly Gourmet jelly beans.

George's hair is high lighted with Buttered Popcorn flavored beans and his cheeks are Cotton Candy. I'll admit George's likeness in candies loses something in translation but hey, they're Jelly Belly!

The bean art is scheduled to be donated to a charity of George's choice sometime next week, I mean if it makes it that far. With George looking good enough to eat, they might just find a few beans missing. Know what I mean?

The Madness aka the Red Carpet

Watching the Red Carpet is wildly entertaining before any big award show. And tonight was THE big one - the Academy's - and everybody was watching since the award show season was shortchanged this year. So, everyone wanted to see the dresses, the glamour and the....train wrecks. Don't lie! You wanted to see an awful dress,a slip or something gossip worthy happen to talk about tomorrow.

Well, here it is in the form of Gary Busey, Jennifer Garner, Laura Linney and Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest does his best to recover, but what can you do when a whacko is loose on the floor? Watch the video and have fun...

Paula Abdul is " Dancing Like There's No Tomorrow"

Straight up now tell me, is Paula Back?

Video of the Day

Lesson numero uno, don't mess with your co-workers while they're on an important phone call! LOL

Angelina Confirms What Everyone Already Knew

Steve Granitz / Wire Image

The mouths of all dropped when Angelina and Brad showed up at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on Saturday. A very thin, pregnant Angelina smiled shyly and was protected by her aging partner. I mean don't get me wrong, he's still handsome, but the age and kids are definitely catching up with him. It's crazy to think that just years ago Angelina didn't want to give birth to kids. Well if you want an example of changing your mind then Angelina not Halle is it. Congrats and I'm sure the pics will get bigger and bigger as the months progress!

Guess Who's Back!

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

Before I start with the news, let me apologize for not being more frequent with my posting. I think the problem has been solved. I hope you'll embrace the new writers that are on board. Tina Musial, SiDunn (resident political opinion), and Cherri Fox that will bring fresh and sometimes unusual news. I will still post, but not as frequent.

On to the big news in politicalville! I think it's a perfect title for the election, it's truly becoming a television series. Ralph Nader is back to raise havoc and stir the gumbo amongst the Democratic party, just as he did in the 2000 election! He will enter the race as a third-party candidate. He's very vocal about his displeasure of the Bush administration as well as the Democratic nominees. He stated, "the White House contenders as too close to big business and pledging to repeat a bid that will shift the power from the few to the many." So there it is, I had to change the poll on the home page as soon as I heard the news. Please feel free to leave your comments about the man that can change everything!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Video of the Day

Hilarious Vid about a stupid man with nothing better else to do than spin and fall!

Shaq in the Desert!

I've been waiting to blog about this story, because I always like to see how the headlines will play out and now that it has, let me give my two non-expert cents. Shaq Diesel is now the face of the Suns and it's apparent, because the Suns website now has a " Diesel" size intro! It seems that everywhere he goes the red carpet, I mean orange is waiting. Seriously, can you blame the orange fans from being excited? I know that he's at the tail end of his career, but we all know that Shaq's ability to become rejuvenated is likely, just look at the IcyHot commercials, one pad and you're all better. I think that the Suns' new rivals, the Lakers have forced their upperhand and challenged them silently. The Lakers acquired Paul Gasol and he's already making an impact on the purple and gold floor. Shaq may not jump high or dunk as powerful like that classic take down of the rim in Orlando, but he sure can make a guard think about putting in a smooth floater near the rim. His presence is so important in the post. I love the Spurs and want the Rockets to succeed, but I think that having Shaq and allowing Amare to finally play a true power forward will give the Suns more edge. Grant Hill and Shaq, two classy vets helping the young ones!

Eva Mendes the Latest Rehab Victim

Photo by: Francois Durand / Getty

Hey my fellow readers, I know it's been ages since I last blogged, but my life tends to be crazy sometimes. This story came out of nowhere! Eva " caliente" Mendes is now in rehab at Cirque in Utah for an unknown substance abuse problem. I'm not the one to play the guessing game, so I won't even comment on what I think the drug of choice is. There has been a couple of reports from unknown sources that Eva has a Cocaine addiction and then others say it's prescription drugs. Hollywood wants skinny women to become the face and brand of these high-priced products. It's been told before, beautiful starlet turns alcoholic or drug whore. I know the words were a little harsh, but seriously lets get real! I know no one is perfect, but can there be one half-way decent person that doesn't feel the need to drink or snort Coke. I've never wanted to be in the Hollywood scene, not because I wouldn'te be able to handle it. I just don't like people commanding me around, but at the same time money rules the world and with this economic crisis we're in, celebs are taking all that they can. I wish Eva a much deserved recovery, she seems very genuine and sweet! Currently, she's taken a short leave to take care of some personal issues in Los Angeles and will resume treatment very soon.