Thursday, August 30, 2007

Team U.S.A. Unbeaten in Vegas!

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Team U.S.A. is unbeaten in the F.I.B.A. Americas Tourney! Lebron James was 11 for 11 in the game against Uruguay. He hit all four of his attempted three-pointers and was on fire from every spot on the court. I watched the 1992 U.S.A. team and this is definitely not a replica, but this is the best I've seen them play in years. I think maturity and the seriousness of the task at hand is more important to the players and I'm hoping gold in the Olympics will be ours.

Courtney Love Blames Coogan for Wilson's Troubles!

So I was listening to the radio this morning and Maggie from 790 A.M. in Houston reported that Courtney Love has accused Steve Coogan of contributing to the attempted suicide of Owen Wilson. She went on to say that when she left rehab years ago that Steve was right there with the drugs. Steve Coogan and his reps have denied the accusations and is seeking legal advise to possibly file a suit against the singer and actress.

It's rumored that Owen Wilson has been taking Oxycontin also known as the " Hillbilly Heroin" and Crystal Meth ! It has been confirmed by various media outlets that Wilson in deed tried to kill himself! Owen is one of the funniest actors out there right now and I hope that treatment and counseling can help him get back on track. Also, he's dropped out of the movie Tropic Thunder, starring Ben Stiller. Maybe that was the true reason behind the break-up between Kate and Owen.

Video of the Day

It seems like ages since I've blogged! It's been really tough for my family over the past couple of weeks, but now is a perfect time to use the blog as an escape for all the craziness going on in my personal life. Thanks for all the well wishes and support. I love Weird Al! Special shout-out to Angela Jolivet for putting a smile on my face and Teelady, who has kept the blog going, much love ma!



Friday, August 24, 2007

Juanita Bynum Attacked

Prophetess Juanita Bynum was attacked by her astranged husband Thomas W. Weeks III at about 5 a.m. Wednesday. Sources say they met to talk about reconciliation and got into an argument and Weeks struck Bynum multiple times. "As he choked her, he pushed her down to the ground and started to kick her and also stomp on her." Police have obtained warrants against Weeks on aggravated assault and terrorist threat charges, both felonies. I mean this is sad for the both of them and the church at large. If you remember their grand TBN wedding, where Weeks married both of Bynum's hands, "so that she would not be idle." The wedding was a really big engagement boasting guests like Donald Lawrence and all the faces of the TBN network. It is just sad that this sort of thing would happen to a woman as nice as she.

Video of the Day

Um wow?!?

Sports Spread..

All the top stories in sports this week!

This is such a sad story, alcohol is such a powerful and addictive drug. It makes me believe that even though these super-stars have all this money and fame, they are really not that happy. Eddie Griffin, dead at the young age of 25.

The Texas Rangers scored the most runs by one team in a major-league game in 110 years Wednesday, thrashing the Baltimore Orioles 30-3. The scoreboards couldn't even compute that high!!!

Micheal Vick's plea is in! Admitting to conspiracy in a dogfighting ring and helping kill pit bulls. He denied ever betting on the fights, only bankrolling them. Will Michael Vick ever play football again?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Video of the Day

This girl can sing...check her out on You Tube.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Video of the Day

And the award goes to...I give him mad props.

Danielynn's First Birthday

Danielynn will celebrate her first birthday with a party with balloons and at least 200 guests, including her once believed father Howard Stern. I hope the despite all of the media frenzy this child had with the public deaths of her mother and big brother, that she can live and have a some-what normal life. Larry Birkhead, lynn's biological father has been taking care of her since the DNA test revealed that he is her father. I wish all the parties involved the best. Oh and where is Danielynn's grandmother?

Dean's Path

Hurrican Dean is the 3rd most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall since the 1850s. Dean was a top-scale Category 5 storm at landfall Tuesday on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Its maximum sustained winds were 165 mph and gusts reached 200 mph. I am blogging this story because I am from Houston and if you guys remember 2 years ago when hurricane Rita was on her way, I evacuated and it took me 16 hours to get to Austin, Texas (which is normally a 2 hour drive) I personally hope the hurricane dies down a bit more before coming this way and I pray that all will be ok in Mexico and if we have to evacuate, that it will go alot smoother than it did 2 years ago.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Video of the Day

This video of the day in in dedication to Ms. Scorpia, she is having some family issues and they have prevented her from blogging. Lets show her love by continuing to be faithful readers of this blog. Please send up nice thoughts and prayers for her and her family in this their time of need.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Amy Winehouse Leaves Rehab in Essex

Amy Winehouse left rehab yesterday, the Sun reported. She was only at the facility for 48 hours before bolting and getting on a helicopter to London for a scheduled Brain scan. The singer overdosed on heroin and cocaine eight days ago. During the terrible incident Amy suffered a seizure that doctors fear may have been a condition she had previous, but went undetected until now. Amy told the media that the overdose was the most " terrifying moment in my life"! The messed up part about this story is that Amy's husband Blake is also an addict. It's a lot better when you have a partner that is clean and trying to help you, but man what a two-headed monster! I really hope Amy can get better, but it's going to be a test of will that only she can discover.

A Man Murders His Dying Wife!

Stanley Reimer was paying between $700-800 a week in medical bills for his wife Christe. It overwhelmed him and he was faced with a difficult decision, right? Mrs. Steimer weighed 75 lbs and was sick from Uterine Cancer. Stanley " selfish" Steimer kissed his blind wife and tossed her over the balcony where she died on contact. When the police arrived at the apartment he said, " she didn't jump"! He's charged with murder and held on $250,000 bond. What ever happened to till death do us part? He was not the judge of her life and it's just sad that people become cowards when it's not about them. I hope he sits in jail for the rest of his life with a picture of Christe bolted to the wall, just a reminder of his crime.

Hi My Name is " @"

Reuters Photo
A Chinese couple tried to name their baby the " @", saying that it translates in to love him. While the at symbol is familiar to Chinese e-mail users, they often use the English word "at" to sound it out, which with a drawn out "T" sounds something like "ai ta", or "love him", to Mandarin speakers. Wow, could you imagine what people would call the little boy. I mean how would you write his name at or ai ta?

Video of the Day

I know this was a couple of years ago, but it's still funny as hell!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Would You Pay Money to Have One Night in Paris?

CREDIT: Stephen Shugerman/Getty
Since the Simple Life was cancelled, Paris has been on a hunt for some dinero. She's asking for 500,000 to host a New Years Bash that will include a fashion show given by her sister, Nicky. According to sources, only Pure is entertaining the idea of hosting the event. The club is looking to revive themselves after the much hyped 21st birthday party for Lindsay Lohan, which crashed and burned! Last year Paris was asking for 100,000 to appear at a few clubs. Are you kidding me? What could possibly be her New Years resolution speech?

Kia Vaughn Files Civil Suit!

AP Photo

Kia Vaughn, star center for the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, has filed a lawsuit against Imus for libel, slander and defamation -- the first civil suit to be filed against the former radio host. Vaughn is asking for monetary damages of an unspecified amount. Let me just start off by saying that I don't believe Imus should have gotten fired in the first place. I'm all for equality, but it goes both ways. We have to stop with the double-standards! This happened in April, why is she just now filing a suit against him? He didn't tarnish her reputation at all, if anything he gained Kia a little more respect. The fact that the whole team had a press conference to express their pain and suffering that they've faced for Imus's remarks was good enough. Imus is a very crude and inconsiderate person at times, but he helps in the community and he has many charities, so he does have a heart. He's human like the rest of us and I think after that conference and meeting with the team, he regretted what he did. His show has always talked about everyone, my father watched his show every morning and found it quite funny. I disagreed with him, but he has freedom of speech just like the rest of us, so until we can stop ignorance on all fronts, we just can't persecute one individual. Also, the politicians started canceling their appearances on the show. Why would they do that? It was the perfect opportunity to stand-up for equality of all and they were cowards. Rev. Al Sharpton always comes out of the wood works when a camera is involved, which is so hypocritical. I hope that Vaughn and Imus can settle this and everyone can move on!!

NBA Ref Donaghy Pleads Guilty

Getty Images

Former NBA ref Tim Donaghy pleads guilty on two felony charges in a Federal court today. He faces up to 25 years in prison, fined 500,000 and 30,000 in restitution. The NBA is really in a bad situation, when the new season starts it's going to be hard to focus on the new players, traded superstars, because you'll be so distracted by a call that you think is incorrect or just complete lost of trust for the league! The ratings will probably decrease tremendously and the hype that usually surrounds the NBA Finals will have a black cloud over it's coveted prize!
I'm not trying to be negative, just giving an objective opinion.

Video of the Day

I really needed this laugh today!!! Is this an exercise video or a dance class? I hope our readers appreciate my twisted sense of humor. HA!@!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Britney Will Perform at MTV Video Music Awards

Ladies and Gents look at this photo, is this what you want to see at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards? Well if you answered yes which I seriously doubt, then get ready and watch no good mom and wanna be stripper Britney Spears shake her tail feather! She's rumored to be the opening act of the show as well as J. Lo, I mean Jennifer Lopez. MTV has lost so many cool points from me, I've been a fan since the 80's. I understand that it's a business and ratings means everything, but why put her career in jeopardy like that? You know that song " I'm not a girl, not yet a woman", well Brit you are definitely a woman and it's about time you start acting like one and take some responsibility! First objective should be to take care of your kids and worry about the award show later. I will catch the performance on YouTube, I don't want to contribute to the ratings ploy of MTV!

Former Insurgents Helping the U.S. in Iraq

The U.S. government is using former insurgents for al-Qaida to help them find the enemies. People take a real close look at the picture, it's obvious that the man standing behind one of our own is out of place. The government feels that these insurgents have the know how to catch the criminals. Umm excuse me, weren't these people training to kill us? Oh I see, give them some money and tell them everything is ok, right? Well guess what, friends of Abed , both 18-year-old members who also decided to aid U.S. forces, were dragged out of their high school during final exams and beheaded. Their bodies were flung up into a tree with the severed heads displayed on the sidewalk below, according to Abed and U.S. military officers stationed in the area. Where is the decency? You mean to tell me all the high-tech intelligence we have, it has come to us using others to fight a war that shouldn't have been started in the first place. It really infuriates me, Osama is still chilling in the caves and sipping on some wine while our sons, fathers, children, mothers, brothers, sisters are dying with our blood covering their bodies. I understand why we wanted to go to war, they attacked our soil, but this is not going to end. Furthermore, it's Osama we want! We have to stop with the save the whole world crap, it's just not going to happen. You've helped Iraq establish somewhat of a democracy so let them deal with it. Of course, regulations and viable agreements should be made to keep a little peace, but this Pentagon expert plan to use insurgents is a complete disgrace and the government should be ashamed. I've never been in the service nor am I a military expert, but I'm a U.S. citizen that has a right to speak and voice my opinion and I will continue to do just that!!

Video of the Day

Watch!! This is so messed up but it is so funny.

Vick Has to Make a Choice and Young Should be Careful!

Michael Vick has some very difficult decisions to make in the next couple of days. He has until Friday to either take a plea deal or go to trial. In my honest opinion, if Vick wants to save any hopes of playing football again then I suggest he cops a plea and sit in jail for 6 months to a year. There are a lot of teams in the NFL that will take Vick with open arms, it will be strictly about money and the possibility of bringing more fans to the football game. The people that come to the games probably aren't fans, but when there's a story or controversy they will pay and come watch one of the greatest quarterback in the last 10 yrs. If Vick decides to go to trial, he won't be able to hide or make any excuses, because the FEDS have plenty of evidence against him. One thing about this country is second chances are common and expected in sports even though I totally disagree. Remember Jason Giambi won the Best Comeback award a couple of years ago after returning from the disabled list and the big Steroids case where he testified about his usage of the banned substance. So I would say that Vick has a 30% chance of coming back and giving a team a real shot at making some things happen, assuming of course that the team that will accept him would have a loosing record. I seriously doubt that the Patriots or Eagles would want such a headache! Vick just really needs to do some soul searching and come to terms with his terrible behavior. Dude, just face the music, serve your time and get back on the field, if the game is really what you want and competition is what you need, then I think that will rule over any endorsements that you are not going to receive. You shouldn't even waste anymore money on attorneys, save it for the day you're released from the confined space that you've been in for at least a year.

Vince Young is Mr. Rose bowl and Madden '08 all-star, but he's heading down a bad road with his latest antics. He was benched for the pre-season opener, because he didn't stay at the team's hotel, which is not so bad, but it's the NFL and after the little mini brawl with your teammates in training camp, you need to make a serious case of dedication to your team and the league in general. It's expected that the quarterback of the Elite teams in the NFL will have a little machismo every now and then, but it's careless and stupid. Peyton Manning and Donovan Mcnabb are two of the real class acts in this league. You may have heard Owens and Mcnabb banter in the media, but never he showed up late or had a run-in with authority. Remember Young, Madden covers are suppose to be jinxed so please take head and prove the big boys wrong!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Video of the Day

This does NOT make me want to drink a beer!!!

Eva and Tony are Ready for Parenthood

Photo by: Kevin Winter/Getty
Eva and Tony said they're going to teach their kids French, English, and Spanish. I mean seriously, were we really expecting anything less from the married couple. I just hope Tony doesn't teach the lyrics to his song, " Balance Toi". He released a French hip-hop album with producer Polygrafic (Sound Scientists). The album Top of the Game, featuring rapper Fabulous and Booba was released in March 2007 and I don't need to reveal the record sales, I think you can figure out that they weren't significant! I wouldn't be surprised if Eva announces she's pregnant tomorrow, her biological clock is ticking. I take that back, my mom had my brother when she was 48, so she still has a good 15 years to go!

Lee Der Co-owner Commits Suicide

I posted this story a week ago and it saddens me to report that Zhang Shuhong, who co-owned Lee Der Industrial Company, committed suicide at a warehouse over the weekend, days after China announced it had temporarily banned exports by the company, the Southern Metropolis Daily said. I think this is a prime example of letting work get the best of you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Liquids are Allowed on Flights in Small Amounts

By Alex Wong, Getty Images

The airlines are getting a little more lax on what you can take on a plane. Breast milk and juice are allowed in large quantities, but must be inspected at the security checkpoint. I don't know how to feel about this. I've traveled a few times since the liquid ban and I felt a little more safer. I got to the airport a couple of hours early and was able to transition quite well through the airport. I do live in the 4th largest city in the country, so Bush Intercontinental airport stays pretty busy. The terrorists are very intelligent and they follow our security issues very closely, it's how they determine how to move forward with their plans. After the failed tests at La Guardia airport, I don't think the country is ready to become a little more lenient. I think the American public can appreciate their safety more than a few extra minutes at the checkpoints. I mean can't you get toothpaste and shampoo when you get to your destination? The holiday season is upon us and we tend to get very comfortable and make plans on which house is the best for the stuffed turkey and sweet potato pie! I'm just saying that the regulations need to stay firm on all points, just my opinion.

Fox and Williams Together Again?

Wow, I never would've expected this one coming, but Mr. Fox and V. Williams will share the screen together on the upcoming season of Ugly Betty. The couple have one child together and divorced in 2004. Vanessa says the two playing opposite one another will not be problem and they talk everyday. Fox, former Laker star has appeared in several TV shows and a few big screen movies like, Holes. I don't watch Ugly Betty, but it's kind of making me want to flip to ABC on Thursdays just to see if the chemistry is still there!!

The Brangelina Clan Takes a Trip

Photo Credit: St. Clair/Ambler / Splash News
Photo Credit: St. Clair/Ambler / Splash News

The entire Brangelina clan took a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago on Saturday and got a chance to take a break from mommy and daddy's hectic schedule. The kids are just really growing up to fast. Shiloh is looking down like, can I please sit in my stroller!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Priest Accused Of Jogging Nude

Reverend Robert Whipkey, a Catholic priest facing an indecent exposure charge after police said he went jogging in the nude about an hour before sunrise was placed on administrative leave Thursday. He told officers he sweats profusely if he wears clothing while jogging. "I'm a heavy man, and wearing clothing while running makes me sweat profusely." The Archdiocese of Denver said Whipkey previously was investigated for "inappropriate personal behavior" more than eight years ago when he was the pastor of St. Anthony's Parish in Sterling, Colo. Whipkey allegedly gave nude "sex talks" to 11-year-old boys while on a three-day camping trip. No charges were filed for this incident but the he did enter into therapy!!! I mean why is this man still preach God's word, this is ridiculous!!! If he is convicted he will have to register as a sex offender which, in my opinion he should have been labeled that 8 years ago.

Video of the Day

So high!!!

Triple Threat Rosario Dawson

I love Rosario Dawson and she doesn't get enough love! She has been casted in the new movie ' Descent'. She will play a woman that is raped and seeks revenge on her assailant. The movie is rated NC-17, so no kiddies at all! She also produced the film through her production company, Trybe, and has her comic book, Occult Crimes Task force, her charity work, and a slew of acting roles keeping her busy. Dang ma, you are really putting it out there! I'm kind of intrigued by this movie, a lot of victims wish they can get revenge on their attackers! Oh, I definitely will be heading to Bedrock City here in Houston and get the comic book.

Tia Mowry's Wedding Will be Very Special

How sweet is fairytale butterflies for a wedding theme! Tia Mowry will be marrying actor, Corey Hardrict in March of 2008. The actress says that her colors for the exciting day will be pink and purple. Tia says this about making the invitations, "I’m enjoying every moment of it.” Congrats Tia and I hope your day is very special, can I get an invite?

The Visible Vote '08 on LOGO

I don't know how many of you have or watch LOGO, but I'm sure that some of my readers are or know someone that is LGBT. Like I've said before, All Things Scorpia is for everything and that includes the rights of others that may not be of the heterosexual persuasion. I think we all have a family member, friend, co-worker or someone special that is LGBT and denial of those persons should not be accepted. I think love for all brings peace, you may not agree at all and that's your choice, but just accept the fact that they aren't going anywhere and they're U.S. citizens who have the right to vote too.

Peace and Much Love!

Mel B Got Married in June!

Mel B a.k.a. Scary Spice is seen here in Miami on Tuesday smoking a cig, there's nothing wrong with a little relax right? The only problem is Mel had an interview with Larry King and she canceled, because she and baby Angel were sick. In other surprising news, she got married in June to Stephen Belafonte, a producer that Mel has known for years. She denies that the two had a romantic relationship while she was involved with Eddie. I can respect that she kept him out of the spotlight while she handled the case against Eddie Murphy. Mel did have that interview with Larry and it was pretty interesting!

Sports Round-Up

Hey Peeps, again M.I.A. pretty much all ayer! I enjoyed my Friday so much and by the end of the day that full belly and joy turned into sleepy and peaceful! So I figured one post for a few things would save a little front page space.

George Mitchell, the investigator for the Steroids madness has been diagnosed with low-grade Prostate cancer. The cancer is small and localized and can be treated and cured his doctor said. Mitchell has made it very clear that his health issues will not affect the probe in baseball's most popular subject! He should be releasing a report in few months, by then Barry should reach at least 770 home-runs.

Tiger Woods tied major record with 63 yesterday at the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Ok. I thought our weather was scorching, but in Tulsa it was like 104 degrees. Tiger had 8 birdies and 1 bogey, keep in mind that Woods was 7 shots behind on Thursday. Could this be number 13?

What is up with all these old-school NBA players that want to come back? It seems that Reggie Miller has inspired them all! Allan Houston from the New York Knicks has definite plans on returning to the courts. He's been an ESPN analyst for the past two seasons, hmm where can he go? Now on to Mr. Miller, Boston Celtics is really trying to lay down the red carpet for the three-point expert to un-retire and join Garnett, Pierce, Allen to become a real Eastern Conference contender. I'm not so sure about this one, I mean Jordan did it, but he's Jordan! Can Reggie make the giant leap forward and land in Beantown? Penny, Penny has signed with the Miami Heat to reunite with his buddy, the " Big Aristotle". I'm really a little reluctant about this one. We haven't gotten any opportunity to watch Penny shoot, I guess the Heat have seen him do his thing behind the practice doors. I'm really looking forward to this NBA season, I shall renew my league pass immediately!!

Well Peeps, that was the Sports Round-Up, on to celeb news...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Video of the Day

Shouldn't they have checked to see if the pigeon was alive before they decided to set it "free"!!!!!!

50 Cent Through with Music?

Now 50 cent know he need to sit down somewhere. It's one thing to be a little confident, but don't put yourself out there like you're stuck on stupid!! 50 has vowed to stop performing and making albums if he doesn't sell more than Kanye West when both their albums come out on September 11. I really hate when artists just can't make good authentic music and shut the hell up!

Nicole Showing off Some Extra Baggage

Nicole Ritchie was in Beverly Hills at the Neil George salon getting her hair done on Thursday. Pregnancy is really giving Nicole a whole new shape, to bad she can't stay this way forever. Hopefully with a bun in the oven she will understand how much continued nutrition is. Good Luck Ma!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Healthy Jolie and Zahara in Chicago!

Angelina took Zahara to Timeless Toys in Chicago this morning to enjoy a little girl time, looks like Z is getting a little overwhelmed with the paparazzi or maybe she just wants them to move the hell out of the way so she can shop for new Dora toys! Jolie is in Chicago putting the final touches on her film due out next year, Wanted.

Video of the Day

Don't piss off your co-workers, they just might snap!!!

Robin Says Brad Wasn't That "Fascinating"!

Robin Givens is giving a little insight on her relationship with Brad Pitt in the late 80's when he was a struggling actor. She says that it's hysterical all the attention that Brad receives. She goes on to say, " Brad Pitt was hot, but I don't know if I found him to be fascinating, to be perfectly honest". Ok, so you don't find him fascinating, but remember he was a nobody. I bet you wish you would've held on a little longer, but I doubt it would have been successful anyway. Come on Robin, go ahead and admit that it's hysterical, because you're jealous and that's really the only reaction you can have!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

756 News and More!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
Meet Matt Murphy, a 21 yr. old college student who had a layover in San Francisco before heading to Australia to visit a good pal. He was at the right place, at the right time and had a bloodied face to go with it. He said, " I won the lottery". Yes you did Matt, but you're now in the well-to-do tax bracket and therefore, 35 percent will immediately go to Uncle Sam! Matt said that whatever he gets from selling or auctioning the ball, he would give half to his pal that accompanied him to the ballpark.

I wasn't going to comment on 756, because it really gets under my skin. The league doesn't want to get thrown under the bus and so the obvious person that can take the heat is Barry. Let's say Barry, Sosa, Mcgwire, Giambi and many others all did steroids and some have admitted to using it, why aren't the other players as good as Barry, because Bonds was always the better player! Is Steroids wrong? If Barry wasn't close to Hank, would we be tripping? The answer is yes, Steroids shouldn't be in any sport, but it is and no, we wouldn't care less about Bonds if he wasn't close to the record. He would've been alongside Sheffield, Giambi, and others that admitted to taking the substance. So, what happened yesterday was freaking awesome and you can't deny the man his greatness, because his talent outweighs the Steroid use and before you go passing judgement, read the following articles on your favorite players and tell me what you think!!! It's easy to form an opinion when you don't have all the information. Please don't be naive to think that the Grand jury extension didn't have anything to do with 756, they have to make their millions first and then get back to work! Congrats Barry and hopefully you can come back next season and extend the homers. How ironic it is that the pitcher who gave up number 755 tested positive for Steroids in the minors back in 2005!
Note: There is no testing for human growth hormone, though it does appear on major league baseball's list of banned substances.

Kevin Asks for More Time with the Boys

After Brit's latest antics, Kevin is requesting more custody of the boys! Britney and Kevin share the boys right down the middle, but she's been handing off the kids to party all night! I really didn't like Federline in the beginning. I thought he was a user, horrible rapper, and a low-down father. In this situation, he's turned out to be the responsible one. I would rather see Kevin with the boys than wanna-be stripper Brit any day! I really hope she can get it together, just imagine if Lindsay had kids. Do you think she would be more responsible than Britney Spears?


So a 62-year old man who was complaining to his doctors about testicular pain, was refused help. The medical professionals refused to remove his testicles, (as he requested) so he hired other "professionals" Ok, my thing is who are these "professionals" and why would you want your testicles completely removed. So upon discussion with ms. scopria (hey girl), we were reminded that the function of the testicles is to produce sperm and sex hormones and being that he is 62 maybe he didn't want anymore children or to have sex. Police said a couple of weeks ago, two or three people operated on the man in his home. He was unconscious. When he woke up, his testicles were gone. So were his "professionals." His groin area was bleeding heavily, so he called his daughter and she called for help. So what if this man had cancer, why didn't his doctors treat him, maybe he didn't have health insurance? Poor guy!! I won't link a pic b/c that would gross and so inappropriate, but I am sure our readers know what they look like!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! SMILE!

Video of the Day

I am still trying to understand this show is so funny to me. I love Canada!!!

Howard K. Stern is Granted Restraining Order

Will we ever let Anna Nicole rest in peace? A judge has ordered a temporary restraining order that will halt the release of a tape that documents Smith's 1994 Breast augmentation. Howard Stern claims that the video was recorded without Anna's consent. Well you know people love to keep making money from something and usually it's dead bodies involved!

Maddox Gets a Birthday Party Fit for a King!

Happy Birthday Maddox! Brad and Angelina gave Lil Mad a party to remember, all his friends were there to share in a little commando action, water play, and motorcycle riding. People really need to stop with the break-up rumors, even if things are going sour, the kids remain their biggest priority and you have to give kudos for that! In other Brangelina news, they will have their own stamp! The stamp can be purchased for .50 cent in Australia, you talk about world famous!

Denise Asks Charlie for a Third Child!

Charlie Sheen's ex, Denise Richardson has put in a special request. The B-movie actress has asked the father of her two daughters to donate his goods for a third child. How desperate is she, didn't Charlie abuse her and cheat multiple times? I mean that's what she claimed when she first filed for divorce. You can't find anybody else successful for additional child support? I hope he doesn't even consider it and focuses on his new fiance.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Caroline Giulliani Voting for Obama!

Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is voting for Obama! On her facebook profile she's very clear on her " liberal" views and she was a member of the One Million Strong for Obama group until she removed her membership to the group at 6:01 a.m. I think that it's awesome Caroline is sticking up for her beliefs, she doesn't feel obligated to follow in her dad's shoes. The family hasn't been very close for sometime, so maybe Caroline is doing it out of spite, who knows. I have one bone to pick about this story! Why is her facebook profile allowed to be posted on various news websites? She's 17 yrs old and I don't care who her father is, but don't be exploiting her for your own professional gain. We're always talking about censorship in this country and the safety of our young citizens, but if it means more hits or better news coverage then go for it. I think it's really tasteless and I hope that the Harvard Freshman can have an awesome college experience without being bombarded by reporters!

Burn Centers Closing?

I am baffeled by this story. There are an increasing number of burn centers closing in America's hospital which may lead our nation being unable to handle widepsread burn casualties. The number of burn centers in the U.S. has dropped from 132 in 2004 to 127, and burn beds have fallen from 1,897 to 1,820, according to American Burn Association records compiled from voluntary reporting by hospitals. Mississippi, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and New Hampshire have no burn centers at all! (Don't get burned there :)!!! Sorry poor humor, I am just a little outraged that there is a place in America that would be unequipped to handle a catastophy like 2nd and 3rd degree burns. "People ought to be pretty frightened by this," said Dr. Barbara Latenser, burn center director at the University of Iowa Hospitals. "Some people who live out West, they are 800 miles from a burn center."

Braxton Broke in Vegas?

Now this is a hot mess!! Toni Braxton and Liberty Entertainment Inc. failed to pay Anthony Franco, the designer who created the whole wardrobe for her Vegas show. Toni and Liberty paid Franco 20,000 dollars, but stopped payment on the remaining 15,000 dollars owed to him. I'm so disappointed in Toni, you would think with all the financial problems she had in the 90's, she would handle her business in 2007. Furthermore, I would have made sure that the cost of my wardrobe was in my contract before I even performed one number. Now you like a broke 2 album wonder!

Robin Roberts is Recovering Well from Breast Cancer Surgery

Robin Roberts is recovering well after her Breast Cancer surgery, The Good Morning America anchor shared her personal discovery with viewers last Tuesday. She was joined by many family members that traveled from New Orleans and Mississippi to be by her side through this difficult time. I've liked Robin since her many years on Sportscenter, she's extremely intelligent and seems very genuine, which is very hard to find on television. I will be praying for her to have a speedy recovery.

Video of the Day

Exactly what was that he was smoking?

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College Students Slain

Sorry to start the morning off with such heavy news, but as I was driving into work this morning, I was reading the news on my phone and I came across this story. I was hoping I would get to post it before Ms. Scorpia (she takes ALL the good ones) and to my surprise she hadn't posted it here it goes. Four young friends shot execution-style in a schoolyard just days before they were to head to college. Natasha Aeriel, 19, was listed in fair condition at Newark's University Hospital. Police identified her slain companions as her brother, Terrance Aeriel, 18, Iofemi Hightower, 20, and Dashon Harvey, 20. These young adults were students at Delaware State and were set to return to school on tommorrow. That thing about it is that the news always talks about how African-American kids aren't doing anything with their lives and here we have a story about some that were musicians and excelling in college, whose lives were taken away too early in a senseless crime. (probably gang initiation!) Hopefully Natasha Aeriel, the only survivor, will be able to help police solve this heinous crime and bring some peace to the families and friends of these victims. Newark has one of this highest crime rates at almost 50% and these killings brings their yearly total to 60. Hopefully with this tragedy, there will be change for the citizens of this city. I pray for comfort for all that are involved. Be blessed and Stay Safe.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jermaine O'Neal Heading to L.A.?

Why must NBA players come out in public and start demanding trades? Jermaine O'Neal attended the Annual L.A. Stars charity basketball game and in front of Brandy, Snoop, and all the other celebs, he felt compelled to share his desire to be in the "City of Angels". He did purchase a home in Los Angeles over the Summer, so maybe his wish will come true!

Hilary Duff Taking Time-Out for Charity

Hey Hilary, nice to see you doing something charitable. It seems she's the only young Hollywood starlet that hasn't snorted Coke or been in rehab. This post is just a little recognition for Ms. Duff. I really hope she continues on this path, it leads to bigger and better things.

"Swim or Die!"

A 51-year-old Houstonian swimmer dies during Alcatraz race; Racers swim 1.5 miles from Alcatraz to Crissy Field in the Alcatraz Challenge. Sara "Sally" Lowes was pronounced dead at 9:32 a.m. after being pulled from the water. An autopsy will be conducted to find the cause of death. My heart goes out to the family of this woman.

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Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.....LOL!!!

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New Couple Arriving at Wisteria Lane?

As reported in July, Wisteria Lane will be getting a Gay couple and the creator of the show is supposedly trying to recruit some hot imports! Mark Cherry would love to have David Beckham and Robbie Williams as the new happy go lucky English couple on the show. I just want to say that no official statement has been released to confirm whether or not the two men will take the role, but it's Cherry's dream and wish to have the pair join in the desperate fun!! Would this hurt Beck's career as a football player?