Saturday, June 30, 2007

Usher, Fiancée Expecting a Baby - Usher :

Congrats to Chili's ex!

My Creation!

A video I made to promote my blog and still represent for Brangelina.

#25, Please!

I was wondering what the hell that #25 meant on Ciara's robe at the BET Awards on Tuesday was, it was a straight up diss to the network for placing her last on their Top 25 Dancer's List. I totally agree, they know damn well that Missy Elliott is not a better dancer than CiCi. However, she didn't say if the rumors were true about her and 50 cent dating. I would be so embarrassed if my woman saw me mess-up my performance by getting caught lip-syncing! I think her and Reggie Bush make a better couple, just my opinion.

Full story here

Not to Happy!

Check out the problems in Milwaulkee even before Yi steps on the court. I'm not a fan of foreign players, well some of them, but it's to much red tape! It's hard to have a pick and not be able to preview him before hand. I understand that we have different cultures, but a lot of money and trades are at stake. Fortunately, Yi may be able to go to Chi-town, if China releases him. The only thing about that is, the Bulls don't have the room, unless you're talking about trading Deng or Thomas and that's not happening. The Bucks General Manager's father, Del was the coach for the 2004 Chinese team in Athens.
Full story here

Can I Have One?

Number 32 stopped into Fort Lauderdale's Cafe Martorano on Wednesday to give owner Steve martorano a Miami Heat championship ring, according to the Miami Herald. The owner and Shaq have become very good friends. Shaq's a regular at restaurant and when Shaq arrived, he asked if they can meet in the back of the kitchen where he, along with Steve Stowe from the Miami Heat, presented Martorano with his ring!!!
Wow the " Big Aristotle" is in the mood for giving, that's the way to be when you have a lot of cash, give gifts and start a charity, but damn a ring for giving him excellent service over the years!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Do We Do These Things?

You ever wondered why some people...

1. Comb that tuft of hair over, only to see it wave in the wind (older white guys)

2. People ride on E with the A/C blastin and get mad when they're stranded on the
side of the road

3. Go to the grocery store, KNOWING they only have $30 to their name and try to buy
$50 in groceries.

4. Put their signal on WHILE they are making a turn.

5. Buy low-rise jeans, knowing they will have a Muffin Top (not sexy ladies)

6. Go to the Casino RISKING the chance of the lights being cut off

7. Drive fast while its drizzling (slick roads)

8. Lie to ourselves and say I will NEVER drink again, after calling EARL

9. Get to work late and get mad at our supervisor for saying something about it

Signed Dr. Coyle32

Just Had To!!!

Sorry guys, but I love David Letterman! He's funny as hell and I couldn't help myself from posting this.

Big Wheels Keep on Turning....

I've been M.I.A. the past couple of days, but for a very good reason, I was tired as hell! There's a lot to say, so sit back and get your eyes ready. So, as we expected Oden and Durant were drafted 1 and 2 respectively. The behind the scenes action on Thursday night was the real deals! As Durant packs up and heads West, Ray Allen will head east to Beantown and Delonte West and Wally who, will join Durant. Zack Randolph will go to the Knicks, Francis and Channing Frye will head to Portland, but who will they be playing with, exactly! Charlotte Bobcats traded away there 8th pick Brandon Wright for J-Rich! Wow, I wasn't expecting that one. It hasn't even been a month since the NBA Finals and we already have a blockbuster summer. I think for the Warriors it was good move. J-Rich has been plagued with injuries and the Warriors are looking to keep that young, uptempo game up. I'm not sure that Davis can keep up the pace with his nagging injuries, but did you see the 1st round? The only questions that need to be answered is where is Ko-Baby and the "Big Ticket" going? I'm so excited about next season, with all this new collegiate talent, it should be a very good bowl of gumbo. I don't expect for San Antonio to win another title. Teams are making moves specifically to step up and give the Spurs a challenge and I definitely think they will do that!

A little comic relief, where was Noah going with that outrageous, 9th grade prom, Kentucky delivery man, usher at the Mt. Zion on Calvary Baptist Church going? I know you are a lot richer and I ain't mad at ya, but dude that wasn't for you sweetie! His agent, mother, somebody should have said something! I guess he wanted all eyes on him, but they were staring in disbelief, trust me. Ok, that's all I have! I know, one lousy post, but it's Friday and that's chill day. So, until tomorrow take care of you. There will be a lot of stories manana!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Technology Ruining America?

The thought crossed my mind the other day about all this advancement in technology. I will admit that we've come along way from the Industrial Revolution and 8-track tapes(don't laugh,I know someone still listens to them). Now, you are probably wondering why I have a picture of a kid stuffing a burger down his throat. I did that to illustrate the fact that no one wants to cook anymore, some kids need to be in a Red Flyer wagon because they are too damn big. All this technology is causing some deterioration of the family. Cell phone usage is out of control, the movie and music industries are suffering. Hell, movies nowadays are damn near $10. No wonder why people would rather wait till it comes out on DVD or Blue Ray. We are going text messege crazy now. Hardly any conversations take place, just text me, you know? Look at cars, they are starting to come with refrigeration units for drinks now. If you think that America is large and in charge now, oh just you wait!!. I'm not totally dissing what's out there, just saying that people have gotten away from the stuff that really matters, like the QUALITY TIME FACTOR. Everyone has their own agenda, no time to play with lil Bobby or teach him values. You are whipping out the PDA or something. You wonder why he's building pipe bombs or for little girls, going to physically meet some man they met online. On family trips, some parents pacify their kids with Shrek or Talladega Nights(j/k, that's not for kids). Heck, back in the day, we talked and played games, that real bonding timeon trips. We need to get back to reality and use the technology with sense. Some of you remember the Jetsons, well we are not all that far from it. Like they say, don't let the money make you, you make the money, the same goes for technology. Think about it for a sec.....

Signed DrCoyle32

Mini Tiger?

Seventh grader Alexis Thompson is the youngest golfer ever to play in the U.S. Women's Open. This is a great accomplishment, but does she really have to go pro now? It's so much pressure for a 12 yr old to uphold. I guess the endorsements are to good to pass up. I just don't think that a persons childhood should be compromised to make big money. I still wish her much success and hopefully the parents will keep her grounded and let her enjoy life.

Brad Pitt and the Boys Doing Good!

I can always appreciate men who are doing good for the world. Matt Damon, George Clooney, Don Cheadle, the producer of Ocean's 13, and of course Brad Pitt raised 9.3 million dollars at a fundraiser dinner in Cannes. Half of the money has already been distributed to various charities. All I can say is, keep it up guys!!

Stressful Situations.. What would you do?

I just wanted to say a few things, rather give a few examples of stressful situations that we have all been through one way or another. What would you do?
1). For you ladies, getting a perm put on your head and you find out the water had to be turned
off temporarily.
2). Being in bumper to bumer traffic, after eating at a buffet. (you get the picture)
3). A novice driver of a car w/manual transmission on a steep incline of a parking garage after a
big play or concert. Right behind you is a $300K Ferrari Enzo.
4. Your car is on E and you stop for gas. You are heading to work and your card's magnetic
strip stop working. You have been warned that you will be terminated if you are late again.
Try to call someone and your cell phone's battery is about dead.
5. Locked your keys in the car, while its storming like in the days of Noah.
6. Car stalls in the middle of say, (Interstate 10 West in Houston), during 5 o'clock rush hour.
Those that live there know what I'm talking about.
7. For the fellas, you in a crowded elevator, next to a VERY attractive female. While chatting
with her, making that 1st impression, one silently slips out of you.

Signed Dr. Coyle32

Man with a bus pass, why is it so hard to......

The thought occurred to me as I was on my way to work, why are some females so judgmental with guys. There are alot us men out here trying to make it. Heck, I remember talking to a female at a bank. She seemed very attractive, had common sense, could hold an actual conversation and all that. After I was done at the bank, I went to the bus stop to head on home. I saw her pull up at a light on that same corner. I commenced to wave at her, she looked me dead in my eyes, and mashed the gas. I mean what's up with that. I could be down on my luck just for a few, saving money because gas is high as a giraffe's ***, or waiting on a BIG ($5million) settlement to come in. What ever happen to falling in love with a dude w/a bus pass?

Signed Dr. Coyle32

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Never Satisfied!

Now, being a mother is hard and I can understand a woman feeling like she is due her compensation, but this is out of hand. How can 25,000/month
( 300,000/yr) not be enough? Oh I know, you have to get your new do, new outfits, latest purses, pay a high mortgage, bmw or benz, basically all about you. See, when you're not use to nice things and you get them, greed kicks in. That's the problem in today's society, we are teaching these kids that Gucci and Seven jeans is the epitome of fashion and popularity. I mean don't get me wrong, if I had some mad cash, of course you want nice things, but to say that you can't live off of that is ridiculous! Since you can't live off of that and haircuts and private schools are to costly, give him custody of Marquis and then you won't have to worry about expenses, problem solved. Yea right, because it's about you! 50 cent worked very hard to earn his money, what did you do? You can't expect a man to fork over half of his fortune to you. Don't you think that 50 will make sure his son is left with plenty of money? I have to give it up to Curtis, he's investing in billion dollar companies and still making hit records, so much love.

Before and After

I remember seeing this pick years ago, but it wasn't that relevant. At the time, Paris was not Paris! Now, there's free paris shirts, cartoons, barbie dolls, and the list goes on and on. Oh by the way, I was being very sarcastic. I don't know why people go out of their way to re-do what God created. If you weren't blessed with natural beauty, then make the best out of it. I can't imagine what she will look like in 20 years. Ok, so unless Paris Hilton overdoses, gets pregnant, gets married, makes another sex tape or donates millions of dollars to charity, I will no longer write about her. I think I've said all there is to say!

What Is Going On? - More Sports - WWE wrestler Benoit, family found dead - Tuesday June 26, 2007 12:57PM

This has been a horrific week. Now you have chris Benoit killing his wife and child, the man in Illinois who killed his three children and wife. If these men are fed up with their women, then divorce them and pay child support! I guess the mentality is, no one will have you.

You've Got To Be Kidding?

Knock-out name for baby girl - Yahoo! News

Now What?

Jubilant Paris Hilton out of jail -

I've made a point not to write about Paris after the few articles I posted days ago, because it didn't make since to address the issue until she's released. I really hope that she changes and becomes more involved in the community, but let's be real. She was raised with such privilege, Paris really doesn't know how to get her hands dirty! I don't think we can expect much, maybe the occasional donation. Let's see how much money she can rack up over the next week. Remember the Kate Moss cocaine scandal? She was suppose to be dropped and black-listed in the modeling industry, she's on every channel promoting Rimmel of London. The fact is Hollywood loves scandal and we love to write about it. It kind of takes away from our middle-class, suburban lives. So, get ready for Paris Mania!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Once on Top!

Olympic sprinter Marion Jones goes broke - Breaking News - Sport - Breaking News

What a shame, Marion Jones was the fastest woman in the world! Now she's broke, 30, and all juiced out. These athletes need to learn how to invest their money, but when you have an addiction and no endorsements it will run out really quickly.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Mighty Heart

I saw A Mighty Heart on Saturday and I must say, it moved me! I'm already an emotional personal, but it moved my soul. I encourage all of you to watch it, I know the movies are hella expensive and you'd rather burn it, but it's worth paying your money. If you're looking for a flashy, high-budget action sequence movie,then this is not the movie for you. If you're looking for a passionate, well told story about an American citizen who was caught in the middle of a bigger situation, then you will definitely want to know more. Angelina, will definitely get an Oscar nod for this one. She has this uncanny ability to make everything feel so real, like you were at the table with her. In Girl Interrupted and Gia, I felt the same way. I totally forgot that Winona was suppose to be the star, didn't you?

The director, captured the essence and richness of Pakistan. The people, the culture, and the terror that exists were all displayed in a powerful way. I think there are still so many questions about 9/11 that haven't been answered. I refuse to believe that no one else was involved in those attacks. Why did we go into Iraq to find the " WMD", but Osama was hiding in the mountains. This dude was making videos and shit! He was sending them to the media, it felt like BTK, but only in Afghanistan! Also, the talk amongst black people trash talking Angelina for portraying a woman of color, shut up! First of all, Mrs. Pearl is French and Cuban. So, the Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union talk needs to cease. The role was originally for Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt reserved the rights to produce the film through his production company, Plan B. Could you seriously imagine Aniston playing this role? I don't think so, drama is not for her! Have you seen Derailed? The make-up on Jolie wasn't over done, so it looked really natural. Overall, excellent job ma. Damn the naysayers! Oh wow, time to lay it down...
Sorry for the many random thoughts, but check out the movie!
Unfortunately, it only made 4 million over the weekend. If only they could stop releasing these movies that really don't have any substance. Evan Almighty?

Walk it Out


Quick Update

There has been a second arrest in the Murder of Jessie Davis and Chloe (baby girl). A former classmate of Bobby Cutts home was searched and neighbors claim that police left the premises with several brown bags and bottles of bleach. Oh boy, the plot is surely thickening. I will definitely keep the updates coming as new information is released.

Full story here

LBD Perfection!

Rihanna came out to Entertainment Weekly 100 list fiesta in New York City. You have to give it up, she is starting to become one of the premier beauties in the industry. She came on the scene a few years ago and with a little help from Jay-Z/H.O.V.A./Jigga, she's turned out to be one little cutie. Her single "Umbrella-ella-ella" is still number one, beating out Shop Boy's " Party Like a Rock Star". All I can say is, keep it moving ma!

MLB Updates

Yankees 2
Giants 7

Poor Rocket, you know the Yanks are desperate when he's coming out of the bullpen!
The marquee matchup went to Josh Beckett and the Boston Red Sox. Beckett became baseball's first 11-game winner and the Red Sox worked over Jake Peavy victory over the San Diego Padres on Sunday in a matchup of two of the game's top pitchers.

Padres 2
Red Sox 4

Yes, give it up for the grinders! My BoSox are back on a roll and the Yanks are slipping once again.

Full story here

Steroids in Baseball

I've been trying to hold back from stating my opinions on the steroids subject, but I can no longer do that. First of all, steroids in baseball is an epidemic and it's not just a Bond issue. There has been no charges nor suspensions against him, so why keep hounding on the issue. Do I think that Bonds took steroids, probably. At the same time, we must take a look at all players. Jason Giambi has agreed to meet with the George J. Mitchell and for what? What will this meeting do, other than him giving his own admissions of use. Let's just celebrate the fact that Bonds will break Hank Aaron's record. Before the issue of steroids came about, he was already on his way to Cooperstown! Until the league becomes more vigilant in its policy with firmer sanctions, then the game will never be clean. How do we know that Alex Rodriguez hasn't done steroids, oh because Balco never named him as one of the players. Please, A-rod has gotten bigger and stronger! We can't stain someones record because of accusations. I'm just saying that, there needs to be an overall objective and not singling out just one player. Why can't we just enjoy baseball and let it be! If there is concrete proof that Bonds cheated, then suspend him, otherwise move on! You know me, always opinionated.

Oh No!

Artist Foxy Brown was in a dogfight with some females this past weekend. She apparently dumped her boyfriend, because she found out he was a pimp! What's up with productive females dating these tired, broke-down, unemployed men? Well, Foxy isn't doing to much these days, so I guess that's all she can attract. She's had more drama than Star Jones in the last year. I don't know why these has been artist try to be something they're not, going around being straight up b's to people and all along you're broke. I'm not going to lie, I don't feel sorry for her. Hey, if you want to stay in the hood, then you'll get all the hood has to offer!

Full story here

Baseball Sunday

It's Beckett time! I've been a fan since Beckett played for the Florida Marlins, he has the most nastiest slider and change-up. I encourage all fans to check out the Padres game at 4:05 ET. Boston is still leading in the Al, so that' always a plus. I'll update all the games from Sunday a little later. Until then baseball fans, have an awesome Sunday!!

Too Confident?

In my Wimbledon preview, I praised the Williams sisters. I still give them praise and hope that they come out on top, but Serena sounds a little to cocky. It's not like in the NBA, when Jordan trashed talked everybody and got into the psyche of all the players. Tennis is a mental and strategic game, yes athleticism is a definite plus, but saying that everybody who plays you, will not go home and shout for joy. Ok, but how do you know they're going home? I don't know, maybe it's me tripping, but the women that face are not that intimidated and they know that if your serve is not on, then it's not them going home, it will be you! I'll give daily updates on the major players on both sides.

Just Sad!

Police: Pregnant woman's body found; cop arrested -

Like I said on a previous post, lets wait until all the evidence is presented and charges are filed. I'm deeply saddened by the events of 23 of June, a body believed to be Jessie Davis was found. Bobby Cutts is being charged with 2 counts of murder! I was watching the Mike and Juliet Show on Fox and they had Geraldo and another former prosecutor, can't remember her name. Anyway, they kept comparing this case to that of the O.J. Simpson case. I'm thinking to myself are you kidding! The Jessie Davis case is more like Scott and Lacy Peterson. We don't even know the dynamics of all the relationships that this man had. He was rumored to be engaged to this girl named Niki, who was on the show and she really looked like a Hooter's girl looking to cash in, the estranged wife, and Jessie. This dude felt like since he was a police officer, he knew the ins and outs of the system, well you were wrong ass! It really frustrates me when people compare this to the Simpson Case. I'm not defending "Orange Juice", because like most people I believe he did it. The fact that Cutts is a Black man and Jessie Davis is White really is the only comparison you can make other than the charge. The scenarios are totally different. Look, prosecution just needs to continue building their case and throw the book at this arrogant, selfish, and sorry excuse for a man! I would like to send my condolences to the Davis family and may God keep you all.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Charity or Party?

Paris will apparently be paid a million bucks to give her first interview fresh out of the slammer! Now, I understand that it's a high profile story and just like most celebs, major media outlets have to pay a small fee. LOL
I just refer back to her interview with Barbara Walters, where she says that she wants to do something good when she gets out. Well, Paris here is your first challenge. Instead of taking the million bucks as if you need it, donate it to a Cancer Foundation or a reputable charity.
Also, I don't see how playing dumb all these years is a great accomplishment. Seriously, nobody thought you were acting. I mean look at Jessica Simpson. She's been reduced to Dorito commercials and horrible movies that bomb at the box-office. At least you had a decent performance in House of Wax (ha). Paris, time will tell if you were reading a script from jail or if you really plan on doing something good, I hope it's the latter of the two.

June 25-July 8

It's that time of year folks! Wimbledon is finally here and I can't wait for the late night and early morning excitement. If you are a fan, then you know that this Grand Slam has it all. Roger Federer (1), the four- time defending champ has pulled a fairly easy draw. Now, he's definitely king on the grass, but clay not so much. He's coming to England after loosing to Nadal (2) in the French Open. So expect him to come out with a bang! Roddick (2) won the ATP Tour Stella Artois Championship in London, England. His last two visits to the All England Club haven't been in his favor, lets hope he can use his win as motivation to go further than the 1st round. I expect Rafael Nadal (2) and James Blake (9) to be in the thick of things. Although, Nadal tends to struggle on grass, his confidence should help him to move forward. James Blake (9) is a total inspiration, everything he's gone through over the last 2 years has just been horrible and I couldn't imagine having to compete and focus on your goals on winning. So, I'm definitely pulling for him.
The Williams sisters are back! Serena (7), is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but don't forget about sis Venus (23). She seems healthy again, so I look for her to go deep in to the championships as well. Ms. Canon (2), if she can hold serve will go deep as the rounds go on. The new number 1, Justin Henin will be very confident in her pursuit to the major.
My hands are killing me, so I guess that ends my review. I just hope to see a lot of upsets and great long matches, where it comes down to tiebreakers. I'm so excited and you know the rest...
Rankings here

Remember Them?

Remember these ladies, well their back! VH1, will be going behind the scenes as the crew tries to reunite and make a comeback. First of all, why would you want to come back to a era of music that really has no meaning? Second of all, do you want to be remembered as the chicks who came back and bombed? I'm not saying that will happen, because you just might be what the hip-hop community needs. I'm so over the platinum teeth, outrageous cars, strip clubs, and naked women in every scene. My radio stays on 790 and 610 sports radio, because it's just a repeat of the same shit! My suggestion, perform the old school hits in arenas! How many 80's and 90's something listeners are out there? It's your choice, just don't want you to waste your time and get involved with the P. Diddy, because you will definitely not go far. He will be in every video, basically make it all about him, and sample a bunch of music, leading you all to get sued. If you make that move, then bring "sexy back" times 2!

Old School Jam of the Day

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big "O"

NBA Legends, Bill Russell and Bill Walton give Oden some pointers.

Zahara and Brad plus...

Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt is growing up to be quite the celebrity. She's already in love with the camera. Pax has no idea, he's still trying to learn some english. Angelina was so happy when he was able to wish her happy birthday! Brad really wants to get back to New Orleans, where his 5 solar homes are being built, but until then he will remain in Prague to help his companion.
On another note, Angelina is not to happy right now! Brad's mother was seen arriving at Jennifer Aniston's Malibu home on Sunday. Brad's security team provided the protection for Mama Pitt. My thing is, he's in Prague with you! He's taking the kids to school, while you're working. So, big deal that they had brunch. He was married to Jennifer for six years and the two formed a lifelong bond. Angie, you have to remember that you and Brad didn't get together on uncomplicated terms!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Elite Club

Congratulations to Sammy Sosa, fifth player to reach 600 home runs. One good thing the Rangers have going, because their record sure doesn't show it. They're dead last ( 27-44) in the AL West. Hopefully, this will get the guys swinging their own bats. How sweet it is to hit 600 against your old ball club, Chicago Cubs!

On the Move!

Ahh, you don't see these two often. Will and Jada are in Toronto while Will and their daughter Willow are filming the new sure hit flick, I Am Legend. The movie will also star, Salli Richardson as Will's wife. Unfortunately, All of Us has come to an end, but that won't stop these two powerhouses. Jada will once again voice the character Gloria in Madagascar 2 and she was also in the film, Reign Over Me alongside Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler. I Am Legend is set for release on December 14, 2007.

The Bradley Bunch!

Pops and the clan are back in Prague where Angie is filming Wanted. She should be wrapping up filming in July or early August. While Mr. Pitt was in Montreal shooting scenes for The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, he bought a mommy-to-be kit at Bloom, an upscale maternity shop. The Belli Pregnancy Gift Box includes, Pampered Pregnancy Body Wash and Elasticity Belly Oil. He told the cashier it was, " for a friend". Seriously, no one will ever believe that! Especially since Angie has been gushing to all the media, that you two are planning for upwards 14 children. I mean Good Lord, that's a lot of small tikes. At least let the others get older and become babysitters, but you got that covered!

I wanna stay in Rehab!

Ms. Lohan has extended her time in rehab, because she's taking her recovery a bit more serious. As reported in other media outlets, she canceled her scheduled birthday party in Las Vegas. What a bad PR move that would've been! You're in rehab and as soon as you get out, off to Vegas for a Vodka sponsored 21st birthday party! I hope this chick gets it together, she better learn from Paris.


News Corp explores swap of MySpace site for Yahoo! stake-Business-Industry Sectors-Media-TimesOnline

I wonder what changes would take place if this merger was to occur. I bet a lot of services on myspace wouldn't be free. Watch out, changes gone come!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nation & World Pregnant Ohio woman missing without a trace Seattle Times Newspaper

Update: A day old baby has been found in the next county. So police are awaiting the DNA results. Where is the wife of the police officer that was having an affair with Ms. Davis? I believe foul play is definitely a factor. Furthermore, why would Cutts be allowed to take part in one of the searches when he was clearly a suspect for obvious reasons. Let's get all the evidence first and then arrest the bastard if he's your guy. We don't even know if she's still alive, Davis was due to give birth on July 3. My first guess is, the wife of Cutts hired someone to get rid of Davis. She was probably so devastated when the first baby was born. Is Cutts and his wife separated? What a blow to find out that your husband is set to be a father again! I'm sure once everything is said and done, it will definitely be a Lifetime Movie. There's just so many questions that need to be answered, but the clock is shrinking. This story reminds of the Law and Order: SVU episode where they found the lady minutes from delivery and chained to a bed in an abandoned house. I really hope that's the case, the baby and the mother are safe. I feel so sad for the two year old boy who witnessed it all, " my mommy's in a rug"!


This is fresh off the rumor mill. There has been talk behind the scenes involving KG and Stoudemire in a trade. I personally think, it's a very bad idea. Kevin has maintained his desire to stay in Minnesota and McHale has always concurred with KG, but money is the ruler of all things in the NBA! What a way to show your gratitude, Amare was injured pretty much all of 2005-2006 season and he worked his ass off to come back and try to help contend for a title. The least the Suns could do, is show some loyalty to him. He could've stayed inactive to make sure that his body fully recupirates, but he was determined to help Nash and crew. I'm really in disbelief, all I've been focusing on is Kobe and his stupid demands. The off-season is turning out to be one big Hollywood blockbuster! I will keep you updated....

Bootylicious and Camel

Beyonce was taking a break from her world tour and decided to relax in the ever so fab, St. Tropez. I have to admit, they have really stuck it out. Amidst all the rumors, these two have managed to not give a damn and just keep high rolling. Jay-Z is one of the richest men in music and add a little cajun spice with some dough of her own and you get a powerhouse! You guys know he looks like the mascot for camel cigarettes!


So, I was previewing this new video that has surfaced on the web. Unfortunately, you have to pay 1.99 in order to view in its entirety. Supposedly, Kobe in a supermarket parking lot in Newport Beach, trash talks the Lakers organization as well as Andrew Bynum. He was using all sorts of profanities! I found the Redemption commercial and had to post it, this guy is really full of himself. All the money that has been spent on building his career and fan base, at least those outside of Los Angeles has been a total waste. I'm starting to think this guy is running for office. He flip flops and goes to media outlets, basically on a campaign trail! Ok, so you weren't directly responsible for Shaq leaving! Ok, you were promised a championship contending team! Well, that didn't happen, but no one forced you to renew your contract. Although, you were under the misapprehension that players would be signed that could get you deep into the playoffs.

I mean don't get me wrong I'm not a fan by far. It's not because I don't feel he has talent, bottom line this dude is awesome! So, definitely no hate on my part. The thing that separates him from Lebron and Dwayne is his arrogance and selfishness. For example, if you go to click on camps. The camp tuition is 600.00, which you expect! If you look closer, it says that if you have a number 8 jersey, Kobe will not sign it. What a joke! These parents send their kids to learn pointers and to gain skills from one of the greatest players in the NBA and he has the audacity to not sign a number 8 jersey, which he has worn for so many years. I mean seriously, you're demanding a trade, so does that mean that people can no longer bring a number 24?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Presidential Election Update


Clinton 39%
Obama 26%


Guiliani 28%
Thompson 19%
Mccain 18%

I'm a registered Democrat, but at this point I just want the best candidate for the job! In Politics, no one is truly honest, but it's who will win the Oscar in the Best Actor orActress category. You talk about a challenge over the next four years. The problems in this country to me needs to be addressed first, then work outwards. Our security is not up to par, gas is high as hell, vets coming back from Iraq and elsewhere are fighting for the benefits promised to them! We send these people, well kids over there and if they get back in one piece, they have to fight an uphill battle. All the candidates need to be realistic and stop trying to play the I'm on your side, whichever side that is. This election, I encourage everyone to vote and vote for the person that you feel is the best for the job. Seriously, forget their party, but remember their words. How will they change our country? How will they educate our children? How will they bridge the gap between rich and poor? How will they support our troops when and if they come home? So, think carefully and be informed, before making that important choice. PEACE and LOVE

Fantastic Bore!

I saw Four on Friday and I was yawning the whole time. I will admit there were some parts that gave me a little hope that things would get better. The movie was trying to appeal more to teens and young adults. The sexual innuendos was really irritating. If you saw the movie, you know what scenes I'm referring to. My son and little brother kept covering their eyes, not that I asked them to, it was what they thought to be inappropriate behavior. I spent a total of 41.00 on food and tickets, which was expected. You can't bring two kids and not expect anything less. I like Spider- man, because it appeals to everyone. Overall, family enjoyment is more important. Jessica Alba, needs to go back to whatever acting school and ask for a refund. She's absolutely hard to watch. The over the top makeup and bad hair extensions was killing me softly!! I'm not to fond of her anyway, since she's being trying her best to scream, "I'm not a Latina" and "Cameron Diaz is more Latina than me". Well you go girl, voice your disgust to your most loyal supporters. It doesn't matter what's your ethnicity as long as you make the top 100 of all guy magazines then hey you've made it, because it's sure not your acting taking you to the top!

In His Own Words

Man, today is one of those surreal days for me and my family. When you love something as much as I love the Lakers its hard to even imagine thinking about being elsewhere. But, the ONE THING I will never sacrifice when it comes to basketball is WINNING. That is plain and simply what it's all about. It's in my DNA. It's what pushes me to work as hard as I do. It's my daily passion and pursuit.

The more I thought about the future, the more I became convinced that the Lakers and me just have two different visions for the future. The Lakers are pursuing a longer-term plan that is different from what Dr. Buss shared with me at the time I re-signed as a free agent. I have seen that plan unfold for the last three years and watched great trade opportunities come and go, and have seen free agents passed on. That has led to the Lakers not winning a playoff series. All of that was frustrating in itself, but then, this week to have someone "inside" the Laker organization try to blame me in the media for us not being a contender right now -- that is what brought me to my current position today.

I want it to be clear that I still love, with all my heart, the Laker Legacy. From Mikan to West to Goodrich to Wilt to Kareem to Magic. That will never change. And the support my family and I have gotten from Lakers fans is undeniably the best. I will also always believe that.
But, now there is a new road ahead. I am gonna keep grindin and keep workin to get back to competing for Championships. Sometimes the trek up the mountain is tough. But, I know we'll get there.

Who's Your Daddy Now?

Angelina was in New York with the brood to finish out her press tour for A Mighty Heart. How rare it is to see Shiloh! She's just to cute and a complete clone of Mr. Pitt. Maddox looks like he's bored. Mad has been in the press since he was 10 months old. I only wonder how these kids will cope later on in life. They have no idea how much fame and fortune their parents have. Well, at least not the other three. I hope Angelina gets healthy again, the baby seems to be weighing her down. She's going to be off for a year, so expect her belly to have a little bulge and then expect little pouty lips and massive blue eyes all over again!