Saturday, September 12, 2009

(AP Photo/Marvel Comics)

I had to make an Obama post before heading to my Saturday outing with little African-American Tony Hawk..that would be my son. The hoopla over health care, education, the war, and the back to school speech has me shaking my head. The Marvel Comics cover of Obama implied that he's a superhero coming to save us from all evil. People seem to forget that Bush left a trail of trash and needles under the haystack before skipping joyfully out of the out house..oops White House. We are not in this mess, because of Obama! However, if Obama continues to play with fire meaning not hold true to promises made on the campaign trail, his presidency will be deemed the token black guy who took the oath. I mean that in the best way possible. No politician can keep the promises made, but you must stand firm on some issues. I feel Obama is letting his eagerness to be Roosevelt or Lincoln depending on the day distract him from being that constitutional, rational, and fair attorney/congressman that we all came to love.

The opposition to the back to school speech just shows how much hatred is out there. I mean seriously, what sane person would be opposed to their child getting a little encouragement of why they should stay in school. He wasn't coming at it from a join the Democrats crusade, it was merely a general statement of education importance. In my opinion he's trying so hard to please everybody as a lot of politicians do..well except for Bush. So here we are almost a year later and the clouds are still dark over the banking systems, the wars are still raging, the health care system still sucks, and H1N1 is still on the rise. Wow, Obama is really going to have to do more than appear on a cover with Spidey!

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Jolivet said...

Yeah here ya!! I feel the same way!! Schools hire speakers to speak at there schools all the time and they don't send out permission slips for that all the time and the parents dont really know what the speaker is going to talk about but when our President want to speak to our kids then its a big problem. Please - now what is wrong with this picture.