Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hall of Famer...really!!

From the title of this post, you must think I'm questioning the induction of Michael Jordan. However, you're wrong. I'm questioning anyone who thinks that he shouldn't be. I was a little teary eyed listening to his speech which was gracious and at times classic arrogant Jordan. Even with all his scandals i.e. betting, affairs, and such, he has remained one of the most popular, well respected men of our generation. I started thinking of why this is. It simply can't be just his greatness on the court. I mean seriously we've seen a lot of skillful ball players on the hardwood.

The notion that being a professional ball player is about entertaining those that pay half their paycheck to watch you is the height of a NBA career is completely false. MJ wasn't just that guy who could entertain. He inspired people. He wasn't a Kobe Bryant that lived a privileged life in Italy or Grant Hill who came from wealth and a sports background. He came from a hard working middle class household that believed in education. Jordan was deemed to short in high school, but was determined to prove all of them wrong. Hmm..I wonder what they're thinking now. Michael "Greatness" Jordan has given so much to charity and truly believes in our children; by the way this was before the NBA forced players to participate in NBA Cares.

I wore my Js not to be the most fashionable, but to show my support and admiration for someone that seemed reachable. I salute Michael and wish him much success in all his endeavors. Hopefully, the Bobcats can pull it together and MJ can sprinkle a little magic baller dust on the players. This quote sums up why Michael IS THAT GUY!
"Don't rush to find the next Michael Jordan - there's not going to be another Michael Jordan."
- 2009 Hall of Fame Speech

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