Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Players Losing it at the US Open!

It seems that no one was in the mood to lose. I tweeted Serena before her match against Kim and to my surprise she responded. It seemed like she was ready to get on the court and play her best game. However, just like the rain Kim had other plans. I understand having disappointment with yourself especially with Kim beating Venus 3 rounds earlier, but don't take all that frustration out on someone who was trying to do her job. Yes, it was a bad call, but would that have seriously turned things around for you..um yea no. Then today Mr Roger decides to give a few choice words to the chair umpire, now he did not say he would stick a tennis ball down his throat, but these are players that usually are very professional and have good sportsmanship through wins and losses. Maybe it was the rain or maybe PMS and twins crying all night was involved, but either way both were inexcusable.