Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Paris Hilton Hearing a Clock?

Paris Hilton has been seen with Benji Madden - the brother of Nicole Richie's baby daddy - for two days in a row now. And they have been dubbed as dating, which is hilarious. Two days, not even dates necessarily, and the pair are dating! Paris moves fast, but come on!

Secretly, I think it is a disaster. Paris turned 27 recently, and I bet she started hearing her biological clock a tick tocking. Her BFF Nicole had a baby and looks awesome, and Joel Madden is over the moon with his daughter and baby mama. So, it's not too far of a stretch to say his brother Benji might see the little family and be envious. Enter Paris, who is envious and egads! We might have a second little Madden family blooming soon.

Paris can't be Nicole in the baby department, but she could get a running jump on any marriage plans. Imagine what a paparazzi mess her wedding would be like!

Do you think Paris is hearing her biological clock starting to tick away the minutes she has left for a family?

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