Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Run! Ali Lohan Wants to be Famous

Ali Lohan, the little sister to Lindsay Lohan, is only 14 and starting in on Hollywood. She was interviewed for an upcoming issue of Teen Vogue, where she literally gushes about wanting fame and stardom for herself.

"I want it so bad. So bad you don't even know. And now, it's actually happening."

That's scary. She's seen big sister get what she wants - from cars to houses to drugs to rehab. And she still wants what her sister has. What teenager wouldn't? The lifestyle is made to look glamorous and fun and without consequences - at least until recently. We'll see what happens to Paris Hilton's little brother Barron when it comes to his sentencing for his recent DUI bust. If he gets smacked down to jail, maybe the younger, starry eyed crowd won't be so wild with wanting stardom.

But for the Lohan family - not likely. Ali is fresh faced and an almost exact replica of an innocent looking Lindsay from just a few years back. Unfortunately, it probably won't be long until she is hounded by paps and pulling underage stunts that get her in trouble...unless mom/manager Dina has learned her lesson and takes charge. I'm not placing any bets though. Look at the Spears' family history of stardom for example.
Ali will be starring in a reality series with her mother as they make their way through Ali's musical 'career' and Hollywood life this spring/summer.

What do you think? Will she learn the lessons of her sister and stay out of trouble or will it get her in trouble even faster because she knows the ropes?

Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue.

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