Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shaq in the Desert!

I've been waiting to blog about this story, because I always like to see how the headlines will play out and now that it has, let me give my two non-expert cents. Shaq Diesel is now the face of the Suns and it's apparent, because the Suns website now has a " Diesel" size intro! It seems that everywhere he goes the red carpet, I mean orange is waiting. Seriously, can you blame the orange fans from being excited? I know that he's at the tail end of his career, but we all know that Shaq's ability to become rejuvenated is likely, just look at the IcyHot commercials, one pad and you're all better. I think that the Suns' new rivals, the Lakers have forced their upperhand and challenged them silently. The Lakers acquired Paul Gasol and he's already making an impact on the purple and gold floor. Shaq may not jump high or dunk as powerful like that classic take down of the rim in Orlando, but he sure can make a guard think about putting in a smooth floater near the rim. His presence is so important in the post. I love the Spurs and want the Rockets to succeed, but I think that having Shaq and allowing Amare to finally play a true power forward will give the Suns more edge. Grant Hill and Shaq, two classy vets helping the young ones!

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