Friday, March 7, 2008

Brett Favre Reign Ends

It's been a sad week in Green Bay. After a few false reports during the past two years, the true one came out this week. Brett Favre announced he is retiring from the NFL after 17 years.

Brett set all kinds of records during his reign with the pigskin, namely a starting streak that goes back 275 games (starting in 1992!). He also has a touchdown pass record of 442, which surpasses Dan Marino's record of 421. Then there is the other records, like passing yards, number of pass completions and wins.

How will Green Bay replace him? Not only with a starting QB, but an icon for the city of Green Bay. In this day and age, it is rare that a quarterback can stay in one city for three or fours years, let alone 17! And have mostly positive seasons. AND go out very popular. And at the top of his game. The list of insurmountables goes on and on for Green Bay.

But, like anything else, Brett Favre has class. He made his decision and announcement well beyond the draft and trade deadlines, allowing Green Bay plenty of time to look for a suitable replacement. Except replacement isn't possible, not for a player with as much class as Brett Favre.

Watch his emotional retirement announcement. Tell me this man does not love the game...

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