Thursday, March 13, 2008

John Daly: Failed Again

Remember John Daly, the golfer from the PGA who had a great reputation going about a decade ago? Then we had the fall from grace, a divorce and a little problem with alcoholism. With me now? Good, because he has surfaced again, in not so good light AGAIN.

See, John lost his PGA pro card from offenses during his pro playing time. The PGA gets to control things like that I guess...other sports should too. Repeatedly fail drug tests? No more $45 million dollar contract for you. Banned from the pro sport. How many athletes would clean up their act if there were severe - I mean real - punishments for their actions? A few, I bet.

Back to John Daly. See, their was this little known guy named Arnold Palmer (I hope you read the sarcasm there) who was hosting a charity event/golf tournament this week. And John Daly was granted an exception by a sponsor and allowed to play. He appeared for the first two rounds and managed a reasonable score. Then it went downhill from there.

He says he called the Pro shop to get his tee time and was told 9:47 by a woman. It turns out, that wasn't the right time. John slept in and missed his chance. See, any player that is late gets the boot and a substitute is called in to replace them. And John's sponsor who has been getting him in to venues with an exemption fired his sorry ass. He said John is more interested in getting his next drink on than playing a round of golf. He called to fire him and didn't even do it in person he was so peeved. Maybe John should take the hint and go to rehab! Look at him - does he look like a healthy golfer?

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