Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Heather Mills is a Piece of Work

The saga of the divorce between Heather Mills and Paul McCartney is finally nearing a conclusion. This week, the judge and jury determined a dollar amount that Heather would receive for her short four year marriage to Paul. And it ends up being no chunk change - $48 million dollars! That works out to $33,800 per DAY of their marriage. There aren't too many jobs out there where you can earn that much...legally anyway.

So she gets the huge sum and then what does she do? Heather pours water over the head of Paul's lawyer, Fiona Shacklefort.

This is the before heading in to court picture and the one on the right is the after. She obviously had a bunch of water, not just a small glass.

What on earth would make a grown woman have such a tantrum - in a public place, no less - and dump water over another in such a childish manner? Heather said it was because Fiona called her a bunch of names before she met her. Hmmmm....

I think the judge is probably more on target...he said Heather was devoid of reality. Ouch.

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