Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elizabeth Smart: Five Years Later

It's been five years since Elizabeth Smart was returned to her family after being missing for nearly a year. The happy event is not one that many families with a missing loved one get to celebrate. And the Smart's know that and cherish the fact they were lucky.

In light of the five year anniversary, Elizabeth Smart and various members of her family have been making the press rounds. They are being advocates that you really can find missing children. Don't give up hope and never lose faith. Elizabeth is working with Federal officials to write a book detailing the experience and how to survive and thrive afterwards.

While no mention is ever made of what exactly she endured during those months of captivity, she was traumatized. Elizabeth's captors are still awaiting trial and Elizabeth says she will testify against them. In an interview with Good Morning America, she even fears they would seek her out again if they were ever released. She doesn't want that to happen, nor does she want them to be able to kidnap anyone else.
Elizabeth is a sophomore in college and appears happy and well adjusted. She doesn't seem to crave the spotlight, but knows that people want to see how she is doing, so she is doing interviews with the major news outlets. And for once, we hear and see a happy ending on the news.

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