Monday, March 3, 2008

A Star Worth Noting: Drew Barrymore

Finally, a star (OK, another, there are a few stars with consciences) has stepped up to the plate. Drew Barrymore announced (or will announce if you are on the west coast) on Oprah today that she is donating $1 million dollars to the World Food Programme.

Oprah is known for giving a lot and it is great that she showcases stars who do something instead of just talk about it. Where is all of the difference Paris Hilton was going to make when she got out of jail? No where. Luckily more stars are stepping up quietly, without bells and whistles, to do something about the condition of the world. Drew was on the Oprah show, along with the program director of World Food Programme, where she has been an ambassador for children's hunger since 2005. She has made trips to Africa and seen hunger firsthand and knows that just a little bit of food and money can bring relief to these children.

The World Food Programme helps organize programs to feed children in Africa who are starving, literally. Visit their website to see if you can help.
Picture courtesy of People Magazine.

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