Monday, March 10, 2008

Jessica Simpson is a Piece of Work

Jessica Simpson makes a big deal out of going overseas for the USO to entertain the troops. There is PR about it, she looks like a singer giving her heart, caring for the troops, blah blah blah.

Until the little report comes out from those handling her 'accommodations.' It seems Jess is pulling a little of her inner diva out. This is what is really happening...

She is traveling with an entourage that costs the government:

$20,000 per DAY for a stylist
First class airline tickets
First class hotel accommodations...not staying in the barracks

Oh wait - where is Tony Romo? He's on vacation, isn't he? Why didn't he go to support the troops?
The better food than the troops
Spring Water...

Anyway, Jess' rep denies the absurd allegations and claims the star is roughing it. Yeah, roughing it. This is what anyone would wear in a war zone in the desert...Kevlar vests and Daisy Dukes with full makeup on.

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Anonymous said...

Costing the GOVERNMENT? LMAO. Even if that was true, and you already admitted the allegations were "absurd" it wasn't the government dingbat. It would have been the even organizer, ie Myspace. And people call Jessic stupid.