Friday, January 25, 2008

It's on Down Under!!!

" Down Under" has been downright crazy! Every prediction that commentators and I had are thrown out the window. On the ladies side, Serena and Venus have been so inconsistent lately that I never had them in the finals, like the Williams showdown of years previous. Although, I had higher expectations from Serena, because she was the defending champion of the grand slam. Venus on the other hand has been battling injuries for the last couple of seasons, so it was awesome just to see her past the third round. My pick for the final was Justine Henin and Jankovic, but fiery sexy Serbian player, Ivanovic was determined to make all those theories crumble. Sharapova, the Canon girl stepped her game up to overcome Henin and finds herself in a showdown with Ivanovic. The men on the circuit are certainly drooling for that one!

Now to the men! Nadal and Federer are out of the running for the grand slam title. I wasn't so much surprised at the Nadal loss, because he tends to have trouble on the hard courts. Djokovic beat Roddick, Nadal, and Federer in the Rogers Master Series last season, so he was clearly the favorite to beat him again. I've been watching Tsonga for awhile and until the injuries, I had him in the top 20. He beat Nadal and will climb into the top 20 today. So that's it, Tsonga vs Djokovic and Sharapova vs Ivanovic! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Tsonga will beat Djokovic and Ivanovic will shock Sharapova with a bad ass performance and win the Aussie Slam.

Well, I'm eating my words right now. Tsonga put up a good fight in the 4th set, but lost in the tiebreak to make Novak Djokovic the youngest player to win the Open and the 1st Serbian to win the title as well. The less glamorous outcome occurred on the women's side, Sharapova grunted and screamed her way to the title, winning her first Australian Open. Congrats to all the runner-ups and the winners!

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