Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leave Miley Alone!!


I'm a little late with my opinion of the whole Miley Cyrus pics, but as always my two cents will be given. First of all, why are we so paranoid about every damn thing? I mean seriously, it's hilarious to me how society will expose kids to sex, drugs, and fashion that I feel is to much like an adult, but when pics surface that to me seem innocent, everyone is in an uproar! The girl is 15 for goodness sakes, she could be like Drew Barrymore snorting coke at a club where the age minimum is 21. Please don't get me wrong she may end up like so many celebs who are lost right now, but at this point in time that doesn't seem to be the case. I think it's sad that we have such a double standard of what's appropriate. Moms and dads are letting kids watch all these mature shows and buying magazines that have Paris Hilton half-dressed on the cover. When are parents going to take some responsibility for what their children do or watch? You can't control everything that they do when they're not in front of you, but in your presence you have the discretion! I think it's good that Miley still has her innocence, especially having so much money at her fingertips. We can't continue to give false role-models to these young people. I said this about Jamie Lynn and the same goes for Miley! She's been on radio shows defending herself, letting everyone know that it was her BFF and there's nothing more going on. If she's not ready to question her sexuality then why are we?

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