Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Britney Spears and Drama Don't Mix!

I haven't been quick to hop on the Britney trail like all the other celebrity bloggers. I said to myself that I wouldn't put my opinions out there until the details of situation were more clear. Britney was involved in a child custody showdown with her ex K-Fed. She was apparently high on some unknown substance and taken to Cedars-Sinai for evaluation. She was released this weekend. Her family is very disappointed that the hospital didn't keep her longer, I second that! Anyway, Dr. Phil had planned to air a special show about Britney and the troubles that she's encountered over the last couple of years. The show has been scrapped by Phil, because he wants to respect the family's wishes. However, the family did ask that Dr. Phil go to the hospital and visit Britney and he granted their wish. I think people should realize that this girl really needs help. It's not some game or attention that is being sought, she's not at all mentally there! It's crazy how Hollywood puts a popularity meter on your back based on how infamous you are. I can only hope that Britney will get it together, because she's lost custody of her kids and that should be more important! I know it would be for me, damn the records, forget about the parties. I would want my kids back and will do anything necessary to gain at least supervised custody. Unfortunately, until Britney is mentally stable, she won't think like that. At least, the children weren't harmed, but what an adulthood their going to have! Child stars have access to an excessive amount of drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous habits and usually it's because family problems were their during early childhood. Hopefully, they'll be lucky enough to have a father that puts his career on hold in order to provide the best, safest care possible. His music is terrible, but he's turning out to be a really respectable guy! I can't knock anyone who's stepping up to the plate, the only question I have is, what's the motive? If the answer the children then he has my vote!


Lin said...

I agree that Brittany needs some serious help. It's a shame the level of media attention she's received just by going to get a cup of coffee, so I think the media bombardment has a role in this situation as well. The girl can't sneeze without a camera in her face.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Dr. Phil. I have every trust and belief that his motives in this situation are to help Brittany as best he can, and considering the fact that the family called HIM for help, the media has trying to portray Dr. Phil as a bad guy and doing it for selfish reasons. It's ridiculous.

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