Monday, January 14, 2008

Video of the Day

I was a little reluctant to post this video of the day, but then I thought, I hate the Cowboys so why not bask in all their losing glory! The funniest part of Owens' tear jerker press conference was his remarks about having good relationships with his past quarterbacks. He must have totally been under hypnosis or maybe he was in some drug induced coma, because he acted like a 5 yr old whining his way from city to city. Everyone deserves a vacation, but not during the playoffs. It's not time to get hidden under the skirts! Romo was just bad and the receivers even worse! So keep crying TO and remember there's always next year, so keep you're popcorn ready!!!


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Otodat said...

God you're a loser. Keep cheering on for successful people to lose, that's what losers do.