Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Many Times Kanye?

As you can see the baby had a little tantrum and is now in Jay Leno's time-out. This is not the first time I've blogged about this ignorant person. Check out the link for my 2007 VMA outburst. Kanye has managed to once again piss everyone off! I thought the whole thing was some kind of joke until I saw Beyonce's face. I knew at that point it was all Ass-Ye. Poor Taylor was clearly hurt as she should be. Beyonce has earned some more respect points for allowing Taylor to have her moment. I know Jay-Z probably cursed him out real good. A "Run this Town" collabo don't mean you can start messing with B. I'm starting to think he has a little mental issue..someone get him some meds quick!

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Jolivet said...

Yeah when I watched it I wanted to cry for her. She looked so lost like a lost baby. He should not have done her like that. I don't know I was on the internet and something told me to check your site and I'm glad that I did. Look forward to seeing more posts!! :)