Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kanye West, Please Shut-Up!!!

Photo by: INF; Frank Micelotta / Getty

The forever outspoken Kanye West has cancelled all of his appearances on the MTV Network. What a conceited, arrogant, angry person he is! You are the one that always has to have the center of attention and that's just what MTV gave you, an over the top suite party at the Palms, so you can perform damn near half your album and you want to complain that everyone else big got the main stage! You were " touching the sky" on the glass balcony of the most awesome hotel in Vegas. I think that was better than performing on stage! This guy really gets under my skin, he's always complaining and putting someone else that is equally talented down! His other complaint was Pamela Anderson's remarks during her intro. Now, if the networks assured you that no disrespect towards your relationship will happen, did you really think that was going to stop Pam from putting you on blast. See, next time be a little more careful when choosing the women in your videos. Did you use her for publicity to the masses or were you really a fan? The Britney exploitation claim, I'm not buying it. She wanted the comeback and MTV has always been her biggest supporter, so why not help a friend in need. Spears should have rehearsed more on her lip-syncing and dance routine, the network had nothing to do with that. What the hell happened to the stunt by Criss Angel? Kanye get over yourself and Brit become a stay at home mom!

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