Saturday, December 8, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Not So Much!

I went to the Alvin and the Chimpunks premier today. I anticipated updated dialogue, but still the same cuteness that the show possessed so many years ago, boy was I wrong! I understand that times have changed and technology has definitely upgraded, but this movie is just to mature for kids. I mean seriously, there wasn't one kid in the whole entire movie! It looked more like a music video with girls in bikinis, people drinking martinis, and big booty background singers, and then three little chipmunks dancing and singing. A dad brought his two kids and held his head in shame as he walked out before the movie ended. I wont give to many details of the movie, but just know it's not a good look! We were leaving the theatre and this lady was handing out posters and maybe 5 people took one. I hope your experience is better than mine, just had to put my opinion out there.


Ronnie said...

Hey thanks for that comment on the movie becoz I was going to take my kid to watch it. But after what you said I think I'll pass myself. I use to watch the cartoon as a kid growing up. I don't understand who it is designing these cartoons these days but I think they are going way out of bound with such cartoons as The Grime Adventures of Billy and Mandy. This cartoon I won't even let my son watch and its on Cartoon Network.
Thanks for the heads up!

Cyberpunk said...

uh-oh. i loved alvin and the chipmunks when i was a kid. have they ruined it too (ala garfield)?!

Ms. Scorpia said...

In my opinion, yes! Of course, many people disagree and that's fine, but I'm such a big fan of Alvin and the crew, so it was really disappointing as you can tell. I know 2007 is suppose to be more hip, but can we have some innocent childhood stuff? Thanks for the comment.