Friday, December 21, 2007

Jamie Lynn and the Long Road Ahead

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Jamie Lynn Spears is a topic I've steered away from. Usually on All Things Scorpia, I'm very opinionated and sarcastic, but to me this is a bigger and broader issue than most think. You know the notion that 16 yr old girls don't get pregnant is a sad assumption, in fact 41.9 births per 1,000 in 2006 were charted in the United States. Why do people think that celebrity puts you in a new category other than a higher tax bracket. Jamie plays a character on a television show, yes I know it's Nickelodeon, but when did we become so clueless? We know damn well there's no such thing as a perfect teen. The real question needs to be, what responsibility will Nickelodeon burden? Will they make a teen pregnancy campaign featuring their beloved Zoey, I mean Spears? Please keep in mind that Zoey is not Spears and vice versa. The new season has wrapped and will premier in February on the network. So a tough decision lies ahead for the channel.

It's crazy to me how we criticize people, but won't get our own households in order! I admire the fact that Jamie is willing to go through the most difficult process in life. I'm a mother and it's one of the most hardest, rewarding life-style changes you could ever imagine. She could have hid it from everyone and had an abortion or disappear and come back with twins! I'm not saying that her speaking out on her private life doesn't have anything to do with her sister getting all the shine. I mean seriously, being 16 and spoiled has never been better. I definitely think that our childhood has a lot to do with the person we are in present day. I'm sure everyone knows that the father is an alcoholic and the mother is an on-hold author on parenting, but the trailer park family from Louisiana has many other family secrets that I'm sure will rear its ugly head! I don't think that anyone would've prevented this. If young people want to have unprotected sex then that's just what they'll do, we can't stop them! The only powers parents have is the back-hand and communication skills. We can talk to them and tell them the consequences of their actions. We can use the back-hand when they talk back and be disrespectful, but locking them up in a room so they won't open their legs is not a solution. Parents these days want to text hello to their children or sit-down and talk when they have dinner at The Ivy. Who's to blame in the situation? In my honest opinion, magazine covers, videos, the idea that love is sex.... in other words the world we live in is full of holes and we can't fill them until the need for change is universal!


Cyberpunk said...

tsk tsk i never saw this girl grow up. the last time i saw her, she was just a kid. and now she's 16.

as bad as it may seem, at least she's owning up to the responsibility instead of aborting the baby or something. good thing she has money tho. other 16 year old girls who get pregnant suffer the consequences for life.

Ms. Scorpia said...

So true cyber! Young mothers without money are definitely less fortunate and even if they have the baby, a lot of them are given up for adoption or just plain abandoned. Thank you so much for your comment sir.