Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jessica Simpson was a Total Distraction for Romo!

Photo by: LM Otero / AP

I really apologize for the lack of posting this week, but I was getting my other website up and running. So as you can tell by the picture, this post is about Ms. Simpson, who in my opinion still acts like a stupid Blonde chick. I mean she really does fit that stereotype. She's made millions using that persona and I think she's just not that interesting anymore. I'll tell you what was interesting though, how much Tony Romo struggled during the game against the Eagles, he only had a 22 percent quarterback rating and if you're not a sports fan, just know that it's not a good look! It became a celebrity football game. They panned to Jessica every time he made a bad throw or during timeouts. I'm like hello, it's a damn football game for goodness sakes. Tony had a similar performance when his ex, Carrie Underwood attended the game. Jessica was so irritating, jumping and having that famous valley girl look, you know the OMG face! I bet if you asked her how many minutes are in a quarter, she wouldn't have a clue! So Tony, my suggestion would be to leave the women in the parking lot and focus on the game buddy!

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