Saturday, December 8, 2007

Suspended Doorman Returns to Work

I saw this story on Headline News tonight and it was so funny! A Manhattan doorman was suspended for bad breath! He's been working at the complex for 40 years. He was told by management not to return on Friday, because of Halitosis. Jonah Seeman was suspended twice for bad breath. Seeman says he stopped eating garlic and takes mouthwash and breath mints to work. It's a disease people, so if you haven't figured that out of the last 40 years then something is definitely wrong with you. The management over the building weren't taking calls, but sent the doorman a letter dated Nov. 21, stating: "We can no longer tolerate the fact that you have severe breath odor while on duty." Well, it helps to have a big mouth! Jonah went public and a day after he was suspended and calls weren't being returned, management now says he won't lose any money nor is his job at risk.

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