Friday, December 21, 2007

Estrorade: New Sit on the Bench Energy Drink!

You're probably wondering what the hell am I talking about! Tracy McGrady has to be one of the most whining, tender, multi-million dollar basketball players I've ever seen. This dude totally needs to be traded or reprimanded for refusing to take a MRI on his sore knee. He's said that taking the test may reveal something, well duh Tracy. We need to know the problem, so you can be repaired, like the tin man without a heart or the whining lion who needs courage. You pick and we'll play! The reason why Ko-baby and Allen " the truth" Iverson are worthy of the dollars is, because they're leaders and ballers, I mean at least A.I. anyway! Seriously, some of the WNBA players are tougher than you. Yao is better conditioned this year, but he needs a tough teammate that can be on the floor with him. Shaq and Kobe worked, because neither was really hurt and if they were, you'd never know it. The task was the playoffs and then the championship, they made all of the above a reality. Please take a look at the following commercial and you'll understand why Iverson is one of the realest basketball players on the hardwood to date. Tracy watch and learn......

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