Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Willis and Cabrera Headed to Motown

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

The winter is looking pretty good for the MLB! The first blockbuster deal has been made and my favs Dontrell Willis and Miguel Cabrera are heading to the Detroit Tigers. In 2003, when Miguel was a youngster in the league, he won a World Series and now with the addition of the left-handed pitcher and slugger the Tigers are seeking the same success. The A-Rod deal, which I find preposterous is setting expectations very high for the MVP. The Yankees seem to think that with the new Yankee stadium revenues will make up for the big contract and that might be true, but will Alex fail in the post-season like he's done for the last two years. Until he can prove he's worthy of such a lucrative deal, I can't support the Yankees decision. Detroit Tigers will definitely be in the post-season next season and look for the Red Sox to be right with them. I can only hope that AT&T Uverse will offer the League pass. I put a call in to the company yesterday to demand the League passes be added and the rep was like, " ma'am we're working to make that happen, you aren't the only way that is frustrated with the lack of sports services!" I'm already excited about the '08 season! I'm just waiting on the Astros to make some kind of smart move, I can't be flying off to another city just to watch baseball.


mikster said...

The Tigers really sacrificed their farm system with this trade though. It may work out for them short term.

Ms. Scorpia said...

You're definitely right, short term is more than likely the case. It seems like everything in the sports arena these days are short term, except for the A-Rod deal. We shall see what the next ten yrs hold. I suspect injuries and more hot mess post-seasons. I could be very wrong, he may not just be the home-run front-runner next season.