Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2 Days of Detention for 2 Hugs!!


I haven't posted anything new in a minute. Fortunately, I have a partner in crime that posts some masterpieces! This story made me a little angry. Megan, who is an eighth grader was seen giving hugs to friends and was given two days in detention by the principal. See this is the kind of mess that pisses me off! We have lost total control of our schools. Respect no longer exists in schools, so administrators come up with these outrageous policies to regain a little power back. It's ok for kids to watch pornography on regular television, pay $2000 for a Hanna Montana concert ticket, dress up like a hooker to go to school, wear pants below their butts to show how thug they are, but kids can't give each other HUGS!!!!! I MEAN ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME and you wonder why there isn't enough love going around. I understand that rules must be followed, but instead of keeping your eyes on the hugs, why don't you make sure that another Columbine won't occur!!!!!!!! That's the main reason why I created Crazy 80's, because people miss those carefree days of hula-hooping and Punky Brewster! I have to exit now, because I can go on all night about this!

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