Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dancing with the Stars is Still Brewing with Drama!

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I had no intention of posting another DWTS story, but this one is good! I knew it wasn't just me that felt the fireworks. Everyone in America could feel the heat between Helio and Julianne, even his now ex-fiancee! Helio and Aliette Vazquez were together for almost six years and engaged for one. Apparently, the couple didn't want to confirm anything until after the show in fear that Helio could lose some votes. Maks's almost tearful commentary about Mel B. last night, made me do a double-take. I've never seen him so compassionate about anyone. He was Laila Ali's partner last season and the chemistry wasn't there, at least not for me! Maksim said, " I love Mel". Of course this doesn't mean in a romantic way, but aren't you secretly hoping so? This show is becoming a prime-time As the World Turns!


Nomadic Mary said...

I'm missing that show as we are no longer in Italy. Now I watch little TV (news) mainly, but How i wish I could be there to follow. The 3 of us woun't miss any of those including my 4 year.
Keep watching!

Ms. Scorpia said...

I know right! I can't wait to see who will be the stars next season. Hopefully, some couples will have great chemistry like this season.