Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing With the Stars Champion Is......

ABC Photo

I wanted to watch the finals before blogging my prediction. First of all, Marie Osmond had to be on something more than caffeine! I mean she was a hot mess, blurting words out and dismissing the judges comments. I think her partner was a little taken back by her behavior. She kept saying how she's one of the top doll designers in the world and that's the motivation behind the hideous doll routine they performed.

My favorite couple Mel and Maks were a little disappointing! There has been reports leaking that some of the Spice Girls were a little irritated with Melanie's practice schedule and they fear she may not be able to perform at her best for the tour. Oh goodness, stop whining already and enjoy the publicity you're getting from her being on the show. The girls clearly don't need any promoting across the pond, their tickets sold out in 38 seconds! So their first dance was the cha-cha and it looked more like a blah-blah, real shit!! The freestyle to Timbaland's " The Way I Are" was better, but the live band completely ruined it for me. They would've done better playing the damn CD and getting on with it! I know there's a little aggression in my words, but it's so justified.

Helio was all dimples and jagged teeth! I saved him for last, because I feel he'll be the last man standing. He will hold up that cheap, glittered disco ball that helps to catapult ones career and give us one last Colgate smile before heading to the race tracks!

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