Monday, November 12, 2007

Video of the Day


~Deb said...

Not sure why this didn't start up for me. :(

~Deb said...

Hrmmm.....I tried again 5 hours later and it still doesn't play for me!


I'll try back later or tomorrow! :(

Hope you're having a great evening!

Ms. Scorpia said...

Aww sweetie that totally sucks! Please check back tomorrow. My evening is pretty good, just finished my part-time dj gig. I hope you have a great evening ma!

~Deb said...

AHHHH! Still nothing! I'm dying to see this video now.


It moved for a split second and then froze.

~Deb said...

I'm going to be OCDing on this!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man Deb, I don't know what's the deal, let me try to get the URL and I'll email it to you. Thanks so much for coming back!