Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Player Shout-Out

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Lebron James is putting up some ridunculous stats this season. He already has four triple-doubles, but the "king" needs more than that! The Cavaliers still don't have any consistent perimeter shooters. Basically, Lebron James is the lone man out on the floor and management better make some moves soon. Unfortunately, Varejao won't be apart of the action this season. In my opinion, he was asking for to much. He is a good player, certainly not worth the upgrade he was looking for. So cheers to you Lebron for carrying the team on your shoulders!


Well I'll be damned, Lebron sprained his index finger during the first half of the Detroit game tonight. He returned to the bench suited up with his fingers wrapped. The Cavs lost, final score was 74-109! James is the number one offensive player in the league with an avg. of 31.7 points per game. I can only hope he heals up and gets the monkeys back on his shoulders.

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