Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tyra and the Vagina Episode

I love Tyra, but sometimes she really gets on my nerves. Did she really think that she was giving all the women around the world who suffer from horrible cramps some new remedies? I mean seriously girl, most of us started the menstrual cycle in our pre-teen years, so we've tried everything!!! This clip comes from her Vagina Episode that came on this week. She also had a doctor on that displayed a stuffed vagina to explain where everything is located. Tyra said, " pee doesn't come from the hole where the baby comes out!"

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~Deb said...

For me, I developed an ulcer from all the ibuprofen that I took. So, that doesn't work for me. I literally curl up in a corner, pass out from the pain or even throw up-----it's that bad. So now, I have to go to a clinic to get a muscle relaxant shot--because they won't prescribe this unless you are in a clinic. Other than that, the birth control pill doesn't work, nothing works... it's horrible. But, Tyra used to do all of my remedies that USED to work Not no more.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate the kind words!