Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bachelor and DWTS

Carol Kaelson/ABC

I was going to write about the Bachelor, but it doesn't make sense to waste my writing energy on an idiot. Mel B and Maks should totally win DWTS, I mean seriously! Their chemistry is just undeniable and so fun to watch. I've never been so excited to watch a show, except for my beloved O.C.! Anywho, because that topic brings out so many emotions. Tonight is the results show and if Marie Osmond is still standing and not under those hot red lights, I'm going to throw my television against the wall! The last statement was so false, but the thought did cross my mind. My fingers are crossed and the right eyebrow is raised, so it better be good! Is it just me or does Mel and Maks make a hot couple?

I have a little energy left so let me just make a brief statement on the Bachelor. Brad Womack was a good-looking, funny, country, bar-owner that was in search of his partner in life, at least that's the bait from ABC. I watched the show mostly all season and my money had always been on DeAnna. She was beautiful, smart, funny, independent, and all the qualities that Mr. Womack was supposedly looking for. Last night, I was glued to the tube and elated when he sent bubbly Jenni on her way. I just new that DeAnna was the one and then he gets all choked up and punks out!! I will never watch the Bachelor again! I can't wait until the special tonight, where they can rip in to his a**! The next Bachelorette will be.....

Marie Osmond is in the finals, can you say REAL MAD! Kelly " the slut" from 90210 was kicked off last night after an amazing 30 cha-cha the night before. Mrs. Garth was the most improved and I felt she deserved a shot for the disco ball trophy. All of Marie Osmonds children probably voted a thousands time, she probably had a telethon working or was it sympathy that played a major role in the outcome? Her adopted 16 yr. old son entered rehab last week, she fainted 3 weeks ago from allergies resulting from the fires, and her 90-yr old dad passes away. You have to admit that it tugs at the heart of the American public! Congratulation to the finalists and I'm sure there's more drama coming our way.

"After the Final Rose" show last night was real good and Brad came off as a real jerk. I don't by the whole notion of not being in love justifies him walking away. I've seen other seasons where the man said, hey lets spend time together and see where we go from here. I'm like DeAnna, how could he just send her back home broken-hearted. I think the revelation of the studio flying DeAnna's dad spoke volumes. Brad said he wanted to ask permission from her father. Well, at the end of their segment when she said goodbye, he told her that she'll never know how much he misses her. Oh Brad please, just say that having 25 women drooling over you was a great way to get publicity and gain investors for that huge luxury hotel you're developing!

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