Thursday, November 15, 2007

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Barry Bonds

REUTERS/Kimberly White/Files (UNITED STATES)

Barry "big head" Bonds was indicted today on perjury and obstruction of justice charges! The charges have been long overdue in my opinion. Why did it take four years of tax payers money to bring Bonds down? I have an opinion, lets make all the dinero we can and then once the record is broken, we can string his butt up and hang him! Hey, honesty is the best key. I know that being arrogant and dominant can get you far in life sometimes, but he was just plain stupid!! Giambi talked like a crazy teen on a cell phone. Bonds was offered immunity during his testimony in the BALCO case, if he didn't commit perjury. It's amazing how powerful people feel invincible or untouchable. For example, Clinton never had sexual relations with Monica and Pete Rose never bet on baseball. I think once the evidence is presented, Barry will sit in jail for years or sing like a bird to be free. Remember Barry, " there's no crying in baseball!"

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