Thursday, November 15, 2007

NBA News

Rockets lost last night to the Lakers
Kobe had a sick block on Yao and McGrady's elbow is jacked up
Cavaliers were defeated by the Magic
Lebron scored 39 points, 14 dimes, and 13 rebounds
Unfortunately, no victory was found
Celtics stay undefeated
Marbury stops whining and returned to the Knicks
He got a $195,ooo kick
Dwayne Wade reignites the Heat
Still wasn't good enough as they fell to the Sonics feet
So check the records and be surprised, unlikely teams are on the rise

That's the poetic wrap-up from the NBA given to you by the one and only Ms. Scorpia!

Stayed tuned to get the NFL wrap-up, including Ricky Williams reinstatement!

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