Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dragonball at a Theatre Near You

Justin Chatwin
James Marsters

Dragonball will be coming to a theatre near you! Wow, I have a feeling this one might be pretty good. Justin Chatwin will star as the leader, Goku and James Marsters will play green villain Piccolo. My son loves Dragonball and I can only hope that it'll stay true to the Manga roots. The film should be mostly authentic, but with a little American flare. Please don't hit us with Fantastic not so much! The 25 video games have sold more than 10 million units and one of the most popular shows on the Cartoon Network.

James Wong who directed Final Destination will be behind the lens and Stephen Chow from Kung Fu Hustle will be producing. Now we just have to sit back and see who will be casted for the other roles!! I'm really excited about this movie and for $10.00 a ticket, it better not disappoint.

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Vicsor said...

What the heck, everying coming out from the producers tell people nothing save that they should boycott the movie, no matter where you come from. In fact the Japanese are doing exactly that right now