Friday, November 30, 2007

Is Hip-Hop to Blame for Sean Taylor's Death?

Good Morning to all my readers! I usually don't post about racial issues on this blog, unless it has to do with a big time controversy such as the Jena 6 event, notice I said an event, because the only time it becomes a major headline is when you have Politicians, Activists, and other high-profile individuals that come forth to defend the lives of people in that community.

Today, I'm compelled to speak out. I was listening to the local radio Hip-Hop show here in Houston, TX. Jason Whitlock, sports writer for the Kansas City Star blames hip-hop for the death of Sean Taylor. I beg to differ, jealousy and greed was behind that tragic crime. Yes, he did grow up in a community where sports existed to get out of the " hood" and a life of crime was a way of survival. Sean left his community behind, but not his fears and concerns of those who were once around him as a kid. Hip-Hop can't be the blame for every crime that involves a person of African descent in this country. Music in general is becoming more violent, over-hyped, and down right degrading. I want to point out a song from a different genre that involves crime against a person. Carrie Underwood has a song called " Before He Cheats" that talks about slashing the tires of her cheating boyfriend and taking a Louisville slugger to the headlights. Now in my opinion, that's not appropriate behavior for anyone. Yea it has a great beat and her voice is amazing, but the lyrics are very violent! I'm not making this a Black and White issue, it's about pointing out violence within a song. I'm sure Carrie was raised in a loving, Christian home, but somewhere along the line she discovered ways to punish her man if he doesn't act right. People get it mixed up, I know a lot of people of all races who were raised in those same type of homes, but outside variables factored in their life of crime. We all know what's right and wrong, but it's up to us to make wiser decisions on how to handle a situation. Most of the serial killers in this country have been educated and privileged. So what's the reason for their crimes? Do we blame heavy metal lyrics? Jimmy Hendrix was loved by all races, but his song " Hey Joe" was a song about Joe shooting his old lady and then going down to Mexico to escape. So it's up to you if shooting your old lady is the best way to solve her cheating on you with another man.

The bottom line is that crime exists in all communities. It's more prevalent in the Black communities most definitely, but that doesn't mean that music has to be the blame for all our crimes. Whitlock asked the question, " Does a Soulja Boy want an education?" Obviously Jason hasn't been paying attention, a lot of people in this country love that song! The most educated people have listened and danced to it. I guess he didn't watch the American Music Awards, Kimmel put Soulja Boy on a national stage. Now we can assume that it's because he loves the beat and enjoys the rhymes, but there will be people that say Jimmy was merely making fun of the Black community. I really don't listen to a lot of today's hip-hop, but that's my preference. I don't let my child listen to it, because sex and drugs are not something I want him to think is cool, but at the end of the day if he wants to partake in those behaviors then he will! We are in a generation of text messaging, Myspace, Paris look-a-likes , and the idea that having a million dollar home and a dubbed out car is the epitome of success.

In conclusion, Sean Taylor's death was committed by an individual that didn't want to get out of a life of crime, jealousy and greed took control of his respect for others. It's very sad what happened, but lets not make music as an excuse. How about celebrities in the entertainment industry go back to the " hood", educate and start funding some programs that will give these people some self-worth. Let them know that Soulja Boys can have an education! It's easy to look at things from a negative perspective when you're sitting in a leather recliner chilling by the fireplace in your nice home.

Two men and two juveniles have been arrested in connection with the death of Taylor. Their intent was not to kill, but to steal. Apparently, they didn't expect anyone to be home, but Taylor was home due to a knee injury. I knew it wasn't going to take long before someone starts talking, because you know they bragged to some friends. The police sure know how to hold out on the info, at first everyone thought it was one suspect, that's why they were so adamant to say it was a burglary. The intent is to charge them with burglary and murder! I will definitely keep you posted.


~Deb said...

BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! I have to say it couldn’t have been put any better than how you said it. You know, I think the bulk of ‘crime’ itself, stems from poverty---whether white, black, Asian, or other nationalities. Music is just that----I doubt it has a GREAT influence on how somebody behaves. I was very impressed you brought up the Carrie Underwood song. I was just listening to the lyrics the other day and was like, “WHAT?” I couldn’t believe she was actually singing it---yet it hit me as ‘funny’, but to someone else, it validates that their jealous streak that goes beyond normality is “ok”, and that slashing tires and getting violent is “ok”.

It goes both ways. White/black-------crime does not discriminate.

Kudos to this post!

Ms. Scorpia said...

Thank you so much Deb, I definitely appreciate it whenever you leave a comment.