Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brangelina Goes to Washington D.C.

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP-Getty Images

Brangelina left the kiddies behind in New York to handle some humanitarian business in the nation's capitol. Brad visited the Washington Post and Angelina met with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice for some serious discussions about her recent UNHCR trip to Iraq and Syria in late August. Pitt, 43, is in town researching his upcoming role as an investigative reporter in "State of Play," a Washington-based drama about hard-nosed journalists trying to solve the murder of a congressman's mistress. This movie sounds real intriguing, it starts shooting in November and Brad's "Fight Club" co-star will share the screen, Edward Norton! Wow, it must be crazy with all the stuff Angelina has going on. That is why I admire her so much! The woman has four kids, a loving partner, and is a high-ranking Goodwill Ambassador. You have to at least give her props for that even if you have ill feelings toward her, because of the Brad and Jen break-up. I hope the meeting was successful and the party of three were able to come up with some possible solutions for those many refugees in Iraq and Syria. Also, look out for " State of Play" sometime in 2008.

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