Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poor Britney Takes Meds Before Performing at the VMA!

The head is down, sunglasses on, legs crossed, all the makings of a depressed not having a best week ever pop princess! New information has been released about the chaos backstage in the Spears camp. Apparently Brit wasn't to happy about her hair and the lack of rehearsal that she did, so she started going into a rage blackout. A doctor was dispatched from the Palms Casino and gave Brit some anti-depressants to calm her down. Well ladies and gents, now we know where the forgotten words, slow hot mess dance routine and a horrible Beyonce bounce came from! It was the side effects of.....I almost feel sorry for Brit, but she got herself into this mess and only she can get herself out. I think a little r&r is in order and take your kids, with an assistant of course!

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