Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What a Way to Save on the Electric Bill!!!

David Davidson, 79, and his wife, Jean, 70, have been living in a roadside motel for the past 22 years. The couple first tried out a Travelodge hotel while visiting a sick aunt in 1985 -- and were instantly hooked. The couple have spent around 100,000 pounds (200,000 dollars, 150,000 euros) renting rooms. They say it equals the amount that other people pay on mortgage, so I guess it is a good deal. They don't get hit with huge heating bills over the winter and its safer than a lot of places these days, the housework is done for them and they do not pay utility bills!!! I mean seriously, if I didn't have to pay Reliant energy anymore, I WOULD BE ELATED! (but I don't have that kind of money..) After talking it over with my colleagues, we have come to the conclusion that this ain't a bad idea. So right now we are looking at a 3 bedroom suite at the Homewood Suites, I mean free continental breakfast daily!!!!

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