Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roger Goodell Ready to Punish Pats!

AP Photo/Mel Evans

I'm so disappointed in the New England Patriots! They're my favorite NFL team and the news of them spying is just so messed up! I remember last year when they played against the Green Bay Packers, the team was accused of spying then and Roger Goodell made it very clear that it would not be tolerated and there will be consequences if any team is caught. Well way to go Pats, such a great way to start the season off! The same video assistant that was on the sidelines during the Packers game was the same person from last Sunday's game. The league is determining what punishments need to be given. The rumor is the team will get a stiff fine and will have to give up some draft picks. The Patriots will be allowed an opportunity to present their case by Friday, sources said, most likely via the telephone. Do you think this will tarnish the Patriots good name? Do you think that the team shouldn't be in the postseason?

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