Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jennifer Hudson Gets a New Role

Reuters Photo

Jennifer Hudson will play the assistant to Carey on the new Sex and the City movie that will be coming out sometime next year. I will just say this, Hudson is an awesome singer and decent dramatic actress. Notice I said dramatic, because this will definitely not be a drama. I'm not hating on her in any way, but if you've watched the show then you know that comedic timing and intangible wit plays a big part of the success that the show has. I will wait to completely dismiss the role until it comes out and I can give a thorough review. I'm glad she won the Oscar, it was a great accomplishment in such a young career and with an award like that, opportunity is surely knocking! So congrats girl and hopefully you can fill those pretty big shoes. Don't you think that the role should have gone to Tracey Ellis-Ross of Girlfriends? Check out her comedy reel, just follow the link.

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