Monday, September 17, 2007

Patriots Beat San Diego Despite Drama!

Nick Laham/Getty Images
So Sunday was a very interesting game. I was looking forward to see how the Patriots would come out after a turbulent week of fines and humiliation for their espionage. I think the consensus was the Patriots have enough talent to overcome any scrutiny from the general public and the sports community. They came out with such an intensity, ready to handle any team that stands in their way. Belichick was composed on the sidelines, even though I feel he shouldn't be there. I mean if you're going to suspend Wade from the Dallas Cowboys and he's only the quarterback coach, then you should definitely suspend a head coach!! Anyway, the Patriots routed the San Diego Chargers 38-14 and the troops left the field confident that no help was needed. The Chargers defense was a hot mess and Tom Brady was business as usual. I don't think this team will be going 14-2 when the season is all over! A source close to the team revealed that the Pats have a whole reference library that includes videos of other defensive strategies by other teams. If this is true and some of the video is during their Super Bowl championships then I wonder if the titles will be stripped and given to the opposite team, lets just say Philly!

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