Thursday, September 20, 2007

Meet Goldie Boy De La Hoya!

Wow, doesn't Oscar look like a ripped tough guy? Well if you check him out here, then you'll be saying WTF! Supposedly these pictures are very much real and were taken a year ago by a stripper. She said that her and Oscar were role playing, well that's obvious. So he's the new Marv Albert! Of course his reps are saying that the photos are not real and have been totally photo shopped. I'm no expert in that department, but his body is definitely leaning against the tub and his hands are definitely touching the sofa, but my co-worker who uses photo shop frequently said that it's totally possible and that there is some discrepancy in the pics. What is up with these celebs taking pics and shooting amateur s** videos? We shall see how this story pans out, look for a lawsuit real soon!

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