Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Apologizes for Inappropriate Photo

Ms. Vanessa Hudgens has released a formal apology to the media. This comes after pics of her naked in the bedroom surfaced. Ok, I totally understand the concern parents have about the teen role model, but she is 18 yrs. old and supposedly the pics were for Zac Efron, her boyfriend. It's just unfortunate that the pictures weren't more of a private nature, like the use of a camera and give them to Zac. I think the media plays a big role of destroying teen idol careers, they're human and make dumb choices!! Supposedly, Disney is contemplating whether or not they should fire the starlet and replace her with Adrianne Britton from the famed Cheetah Girls to be Zac's love interest in the next High School Musical Movie. It's just all a hot mess and I really hope that Hudgens can stay strong, at least she apologized and admitted her wrong doing, unlike Antonella! I know it's easy for girls and teens to get attached to these stars, but I tell my son all the time, these people are playing a character and they make mistakes just like everybody else. So, don't think the behavior of Zac and Cody are real, because it's scripted and don't use them as your role model. I'm the role model is what I explain to my little boy and he knows that hard work and good behavior will pay-off in the long run. So parents reading this, please let your children know the truth and tell them that you're the role model and then it's your responsibility to hold true to that! Also, a link will not be provided at this blog, because I refuse to contribute to the hype and continued destruction of a human being!


Ok, so more details came out this weekend about the exposed High School Musical star. Apparently, she sent the pictures to Drake Bell of the Drake and Josh show a couple of years ago. Now that is a little creepy, 16 yrs old in full frontal!

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