Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmy Wrap-Up

The pictures that you see are my best dressed of the night. The red carpet was basically the best part of the evening. I was not impressed with Ryan Seacrest at all! He needs to continue hosting American Idol, why did he even accept this job? I hated the round audience, it seemed very unorganized. Kate Walsh's dress was very nice, but the curly swoop on the side was not flattering and what the hell was Vanessa Williams wearing, it would've been so much prettier if the designer took away those hideous feathers and just made the dress very simple. I love Ellen and her signature blue Converse is her trademark, but the whole gold nylon or some kind of material was not cute around her neck. She should have left that home and let her partner do the fem thing! I wasn't very impressed with Heigl's correction of her name when they announced her award for Best Supporting Actress. Ok, so you're a star now after years of working in the industry, but not everyone can pronounce it right. I'm sure it was an honest mistake! Her movie Zyzzyx Rd. in 2006 only grossed $20 dollars, it only opened up in one theatre in Dallas, if that makes it any better. I guess only two people saw the movie. So I can see why the correction of your name was so necessary, because of the Grey's Anatomy fame and Knocked Up, which has grossed $190 million! Christina was so adorable and very much pregnant, no confirmation needed ma! Well that's about it and hopefully next year will be a lot more entertaining. Oh yea, Sally Fields was a total trip! Did they really have to pan out to the back of the stage when she said, " god-damned wars in the first place"? Remember, it was on Fox!

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